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Suggestions in English


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Making Suggestions 
What about ..? / How about ..?

We can sometimes use "What about ..?" and "How about ..?" to make suggestions to people around. These structures are commonly used in spoken English.

"What about ..?" and "How about ..?" have the same meaning.

We can use them  with a gerund (verb + ing)

How to use:

Your friend says he feels very bored today.
Your suggestion:
How about going to the movies tonight? or, What about going to the movies tonight?

Situation:  You and your wife cannot decide what to do next week.
Your suggestion:
What about having a picnic near a lake next week? or, How about having a picnic near a lake next week?

Note: Sometimes the gerund (verb + ing) is not used.

  •     How about a nice drink? or,  How about having a nice drink?
  •     What about (drinking) some more coffee?
  •     What about a short walk around the park?

Example Sentences:
  • A: I have a headache.

    B: What about  taking an aspirin?

  • What about calling her?  (She has some problems with her friend)

  • How about a rest? (She is very tired)

  • What about going to a dentist? (He has a toothache)

  • How about coming to Paris with me?,

  • What about a cup of hot tea?
  • How about some water?
  • How about  taking a shower?

in a sentence

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