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Suggestions in English


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Making Suggestions 
Could ...?

Could ... is a modal verb which we can use to make a suggestion. We suggest a person, friend or someone else to do something.

How to use:

You need to buy some books, but you don't have enough money.
Our suggestion:
You could talk to your father and ask him to give you some money.

Situation:  Your friend cannot reach Sally by cellphone.
Your suggestion:
You could  try her home number.

Example Sentences:
  • A: I need some more money to buy that car.

    B:You could get some from Sally.

  • We could go for a walk after work tomorrow, if you like

  • To improve your German, you could attend a course or study on your own.

  • You could take her to a restaurant or a cafe for the first meeting.

  • We could go for a drink after school tomorrow, if they like.

  • You could always call my mother and see if she might babysit.

  • I could do the shopping for you if you are tired.

in a sentence

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