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Causatives with "make"

The Causative Verbs
-- make --

Make is used to force  somebody else to do something. We require something to be done by somebody else (by a third person) by using power, influence or authority.

Meaning 1

Make causative verb is usually used for having something done by somebody whom you force or influence. For example, a police officer stops your car,or your mother forces you to clean your room.
  • The police officer made the man pull over.
  • Her boss made her work on Saturday and Sunday.

Meaning 2

Also, Make causative verb means " to cause".
  • The film made me cry a lot.
  • Slow music makes me sleep.
  • The birthday surprise made him forget his sadness.

Tense Change: We can change the tense of the "make".

  • His father made him clean the car.
  • My mother makes me cook at weekends.
  • A police officer can make us stop.
  • You should make your son clean his own room.
  • The Commander has made soldiers et up early.
  • Did the teacher make you do your homework?
  • I think she will make you stay here all day.
  • and to use more tenses and modals is possible.

There are two forms of doing causative with "make", passive or active.

                                          Active Form

Make + somebody +  do (verb 1)  +  something

In active form, we use somebody and   base form of the verb ( verb) after the verb "make". We don't use "to - infinitive".

  • I made my daughter    to   do her homework last night.

  • His illness has made him stay all day long.

  • The teacher made me apologize for that rude behaviour.

  • The police make the cars stop and check every day.

  • I think the doctor will make my mother come and see him every five days.

  • Did somebody make you wear that funny t-shirt?

                                             Passive  Form

Subject + was / were + done (verb 3) +  (by someone)

In passive form, we use was were and  past participle of the verb (verb 3) 

  • I was made to cry a lot by the film.   (The film made me cry a lot.)
  • Tom was made to laugh a lot by my son.  (My son made Tom laugh a lot.)
  • The soldiers were made to wait in the garden.

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