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Causatives Exercises

Causatives ( active or passive)

Cloze Test

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form according to "the causatives" active passive structure.
1. I'm going to have Tom (look) into my laptop to see what is wrong.
2. Her father will not let the girl (marry) with that poor guy.
3. I made my cousin (call) her and apologize.
4. I really must get a plumber (fix) the central heating.
5. They ought to have someone (replace) the broken windows.
6. The instructor made her students (write) an essay about their hometown.
7. The boss had his secretary (call) Ms. Jackson.
8. He may have the car .(sell)
9. I had already got my hair . (cut)
10. I'll get John (do) it when he comes home.
11. The students were made (come) earlier.
12. I got my mother (do) it.

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