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Would you like

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Would You Like..?

Would you like + noun

How to use "would like" with a noun?

"Would like" has the meaning of  "want",  but it is used for more polite expressions.

  • Do you want  some coffee?  ( This is less formal and polite. We usually use this for friends, children, and etc.)
  • Would you like some coffee? (This is more polite and formal.)

We can use it with a noun:

Form:  Subject + would like + noun

  • I would like a glass of cola.
  • Would you like some water?
  • She would like a piece of cake.

We can use it in positive, negative sentences and questions.

  • I would like some coffee.
  • She would like a new pair of shoes.
  • Would you like some water?
  • Would you like an apple?
  • He wouldn't like a sandwich.
  • Mary wouldn't like  an ice -cream.

"Would like" is the same for all subjects.

  • I would like some soup.
  • You would like some soup.
  • He / she / James would like some soup.
  • We would like some soup.
  • They / our friends would like some soup.


We can make them shorter by using contractions:

 I would like = I'd like
She would like = She'd like /he'd  
They would like = They'd like
We would like = We'd like
You would like = You'd like

Example Sentences:
  • I'd like some milk.
  • I'd  like some olives.
  • I'd  like some eggs.
  • I'd  like some bread.

in a sentence

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