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Wish & If only clauses

How to use "wish" and "if only" in sentences

  • I wish you were here.
  • I wish I knew his address.
  • I wish we had enough money.
  • I wish you had a house.
  • I wish I could lend you some money.
  • I wish we could go there again.
  • I wish Tom would stop smoking.
  • I wish my daughter would learn English.
  • I wish you would stop crying.
  • I wish I had visited her yesterday.
  • I wish he had driven more carefully.
  • I wish I hadn't eaten so much.
  • If only I were there.
  • If only I could ride a bike.
  • If only you hadn't told me lies.
  • I wish I were rich.
  • I wish I were younger.
  • I wish it weren't so cold.
  • I wish you could swim.
  • I wish Tom had finished my homework yesterday.
  • I wish I hadn't lost my wallet.
  • I wish I felt better.
  • I wish the government would lower the taxes.
  • I wish it would stop raining.
  • I wish we were in İstanbul.

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