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Wish Clauses with would - Future Time

The Future Time

We use wish + would  to show that we are unhappy for the current situation and want it to change soon. 

We use "wish" with "would" to say how we would like somebody to behave in the future:


    To complain about a behavior that we don't like.
    To show you are impatient, annoyed or dissatisfied with  a present action.

How to form a wish clause sentence for the future:

Situation:    It isn’t raining.
Your wish:  I wish it would rain.   

Situation:    She doesn’t write regularly.       
Your wish:  I wish that she would write more regularly.     

Situation:   The workers won't help us.
Your wishWe wish they would help us.  

Situation:    The kids are making too much noise.
Your wishI wish they would be quiet.

Situation:    The boy keeps asking her strange questions.
Your wishShe wish he wouldn't do that. 

More Example Sentences:

Present Situation       Our wishes
He never answers my letters.

We don't lik ethe menu.

They are bombimg the city for days.

You are not coming with us.

Sally wants to quit this job.

It has been raining for 5 days.

The baby is crying.
I wish he would answer my letters.         

We wish they would change the menu.      

Many People wish they would stop bombing the city.     

Mary wishes you would come with us.

I wish Sally would change her mind.

I wish it would stop raining.

My wife wishes the baby would stop crying.

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