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If only

If only - wish

"Wish" and "If only" have the same meaning and  both can be  used to talk about our present or past regrets – things that we would like to change.

Example Sentences:
Wish  If only 
I wish she were at home.

I wish they weren't coming with us.

I wish Ted weren't working now.

I wish it weren't snowing.

I wish I knew her phone number.

I wish he had called me yesterday.

I wish they hadn't lost all their money.

I wish he had been at the meeting.

I wish they hadn't been very rude.

I wish he would answer my letter.       
I wish they would change the menu.    
I wish they would stop bombing Iraq.     

I wish you would come with us.

If only she were at home.

If only  they weren't coming with us.

If only  Ted weren't working now.

If only  it weren't snowing.

If only  I knew her phone number.

If only  he had called me yesterday.

If only  they hadn't lost all their money.

If only  he had been at the meeting.

If only  they hadn't been very rude.

If only  he would answer my letter.   
If only  they would change the menu.    
If only  they would stop bombing Iraq.  

If only  you would come with us.

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