Conditionals - Type 3

How to use " If ClausesType three" in a sentence

  • If I had known the truth, I would have told you.

  • She would have come with us if she hadn't been so ill.

  • If dad had been hungry, he would have eaten something.

  • Would you have gone to the meeting if they had invited you?

  • If Sam had lent me some money, I could have bought that house.

  • If we had had a camera, we might have taken some photos of the wedding.

  • If you had come a few hours ago, you could have met my friend.

  • If Tom had studied harder, he could have passed the exam.

  • If you had told me your problem yesterday, I could have helped you.

  • If they had studied last week, the would have passed the test.

  • If the weather had bee good on Sunday, we would have gone to the picnic.

  • If Sally had been at home last night, I could have visited her.
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