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Conditionals - Providing that / Provided that

How to use Providing that / Provided that

The conjunctions Provided that and providing that can interchangeably be used to mean "if -  on condition that"

This is another way to express condition and result situations.

Provided that
and providing that have the same meanings.
We can use both for meaning of "if."

Example Sentences.
  •       She will help me provided that I promise to do her homework.
                    She will help me if I promise to do her homework.

  •      Providing that you went to the party, I would go, too.
                   If you went to the party, I would go, too.

We can omit that if we wish:

  • Provided you study hard, you can be successful.

  • Providing no one has any more questions, we can finish the lesson.

  • I can afford to have a holiday providing  that I earn fifty pounds a day.   

  • You can borrow the car provided that you promise to drive carefully.

  • We'll be there at about 7.30 provided that there's a suitable train.

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