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First - Second Conditionals (type1 - 2) Difference Exercise

If Clause Type I or Type II

Cloze Test (will or would)

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form according to "Conditionals Type 1 and 2" rules
1. I am not a astronaut. If I were an astronaut, I take the photos of Turkey from space.
2. If you put a stone in the water, it go down.
3. If there were no water on earth, we not exist .
4. If you were a bird, where you fly to?
5. Anna pass the test if she studies hard enough.
6. Sea water is salty. If the oceans had fresh water, we have a lot of drinking water.
7.If a Y-chromosome combines with an X-chromosome during fertilization, a male baby become .
8. I not do that if I were you.
9. If he gets any worse I take him to the doctor's.
10.If the snow gets any worse we have to stop walking.