willingness in a sentence

Willingness to take responsibility is a sign of maturity.

Mike’s willingness to see a marriage counselor revived Suzie’s hopes that their marriage could be saved.

Bertrand Russell once noted that patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.

The peace process has been stalled by the leaders’ unwillingness to compromise on a number of key issues.

Your eligibility for parole will be largely determined by your behavior in prison and your willingness to change.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

once said that the ultimate solution to the race problem lies in the willingness of men to obey the unenforceable.

But that, too, failed to increase Zubaydah’s willingness to cooperate.

Since then, voters in the riding have shown a willingness to vote Liberal.

See his willingness to fund Planned Parenthood, but only the “good” parts.

So there’s a willingness to wait to see who will run for the GOP nomination.

It’s the willingness,” he said, which he says he has plenty of himself.

The Congresswoman, who witnessed the arrest, signaled her willingness to do so.

That would show some willingness on his part to start working together, Hoeven said.

Yes, these were acts of terrorism, but where is our willingness to understand the whys?

Going forward, much will depend on the willingness of Singaporeans to behave responsibly.

The willingness of courts to validate such agreements can vary dramatically across states.

We do not know who to lean on to now since our legislator has shown no willingness to help.

Despite his statement, Wilson has not signaled any willingness to defy the court’s decision.

Our rights aren’t the problem, our unwillingness to act to defeat extremists is the problem.”

And a willingness to risk failure and learn from it is the hallmark of an innovative company.

The Republican senator has been known for his willingness at times to work across party lines.

Sandra Johansson is annoyed by the Arabs’ unwillingness to adopt their hosts’ mores and custoMs. Expressing your originality means having the willingness to take responsibility for your actions.

You need patience and willingness to wait for the right moment when the animal connects with you.

There is willingness for Europe to get more involved – but it’s a political decision, said Chollet.

322649 I do think folks ought to give him more credit for his willingness to work across the aisle.”

Rubio is a skilled debater and has an earnest manner that belies his ambition and willingness to lie.

Then there’s what Roche claims is Mars One’s “unwillingness to engage with the scientific community.”

But the countries have recently shown signs of willingness to co-operate to defuse the threat of ISIS.

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