vaccine in a sentence

She recommends that everyone six months old or older get the vaccine.

Most adults have no idea what vaccines they’ve had as a child.

Senator Paul went so far as to say many vaccines should be voluntary.

Simor agreed with Chan’s assessment of the vaccine as a game changer.

Many Liberians fear that vaccines actually increase the risk of Ebola.

After all, access to vaccines is widespread, and federally subsidized.

Polio was eliminated in the US with vaccines along with other diseases.

Some parents argue that the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease.

GlaxoSmithKline, NewLink and Merck are also experimenting with vaccines.

Health officials say the measles vaccine is one of the safest out there.

There is currently no cure or vaccine that can protect people from Mers.

Carson went on, however, to agree with Trump about spacing out vaccines.

The vaccine is likely to be the world’s first licensed shot for malaria.

There will be another epidemic if there’s not a vaccine to prevent this.

It pays damages to people who can show they’ve been injured by a vaccine.

It might be asking too much to expect them to pay for the vaccine.

WHO: New Ebola vaccine ‘highly effective’ 01:48 PLAY VIDEO What is Ebola?

380646 I remember he also said something slightly weasely about vaccines.

Léger said most of those affected were up to date on their vaccine status.

The vaccine isn’t 100 percent effective and most U.S. kids are vaccinated.

The vaccines: VSV-EBOV was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Some were started because of vaccines causing deaths and injuries to people.

They were randomly assigned to get the vaccine right away or in three weeks.

If their student wasn’t compliant with Washington’s vaccine mobbed by today.

The research on the effectiveness of the measles vaccine is well-documented.

639359 So, put the vaccine link back on the table and start to deal with it.

Several preventive vaccines and treatments are in various stages of testing.

Flu viruses are constantly changing so the vaccines must be updated annually.

Really, what we should be doing is looking for better vaccines,” Gardam said.

So far the strains in this year’s vaccine seem likely to match, Frieden said.

Today’s vote was not about whether or not you support vaccines, Melendez said.

Adding to the problem is that this year’s flu vaccine doesn’t fully cover H3N2.

There’s no such thing as a homeopathic or a naturopathic vaccine, Hoskins said.

31266 All 50 states have some type of vaccine requirement, according to the CDC.

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