stew in a sentence

I started to make stew.

This stew tastes acrid.

It’s my special recipe, rabbit stew.

K-stew‘s sweatshirt, sneakers, purse and backpack are all by Chanel.

Because after 29 years, stew Morrill decided he would do it, “My Way.”

If desired, slowly thicken with cornstarch to make a nice hearty stew.

You’ll stew in your office, picking apart the new hire’s shortcomings.

373851 In the middle of this stew of rancor and mistrust sits Kirshbaum.

On chilly days there’s a potjie, a cast iron cauldron brimming with stew.

How would you feel in it? 2. What kind of life stew do you currently have?

Croatian staples are also popular, such as octopus salads and gulas (stew).

It’s a must-have with any caribou or reindeer stew and goes well with some jam.

Come for the Bouillabaisse fish stew, stay for the surprisingly awesome pizzas.

Buddaejjigae is sometimes referred to as “Johnson tang,” tang being the Korean word for stew.

One of the recipes, for a stew called dambou, comes from Mouhamed Tanko, a 31-year-old from Niger.

My mom used to pick Saskatoons and stew them and make them into ripples, and it just grew from there.

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