revelation in a sentence

The impact of Raju’s revelations of the rigged Satyam account books was immediate.

A large abundance of revelations taken alone does not disprove.

Underlying this claim of abrogation is another concern: How can a divine revelation be improved upon?

His extensive knowledge of music was a revelation to us.

The recent revelations of child abuse in our schools are a total outrage.

revelations of corruption in government have led to calls for a public inquiry.

Clinton’s political opponents are delighted by recent revelations in the scandal.

The Prime Minister was forced to resign after the revelation of widespread corruption in his party.

The Seahawks’ defense was almost as big of a revelation in Minnesota.

However, there is nothing “modest” about the latest NSA and GCHQ revelations.

revelation: C Robert Upshaw leads the country in blocked shots at 4.58 a game.

It’s a totally different cultural reaction to these allegations or revelations.

Jason Segel is a revelation as Wallace, all droopy gait and sheepish intellect.

Snowden said that when he first made his revelations in 2013, some doubted him.

Fans keep their eyes peeled for revelations during the exclusive industry event.

I don’t think this is the tipping point for a whole bunch of other revelations.”

If not a surprise, the revelations put both countries in something of a quandary.

The revelations come as the New Orleans Pelicans prepare to take on the Utah Jazz.

Future revelations about the device may hinge on the discovery of additional fragments.

This is an experience of revelation, in no uncertain terms – and they made it look easy!

Every night on the television news is like a nature hike through the Book of revelation.”

They deny the claims, with Warner promising a “tsunami” of revelations to clear his name.

Clinton’s spokesman failed to comment to CNN questions about those revelations by the Times.

After the DNA revelations, many pastors no longer sought to share the stage with the bishop.

Muslims believe the Quran is the divine words or revelations on which they base their faith.

The book explains how to clear out mental junk, in order to make way for pivotal revelations.

Many people debated whether they would continue shopping on after the revelations.

He also made an interesting revelation about how the two have worked since coming to Seattle.

492445 Most debated whether they would continue shopping on after the revelations.

Instead, their slow, careful self-revelations feel like the beginning of any new relationship.

Christie cannot remain asleep in the wake of this troubling revelation and ongoing media spat.

Ace Ankomah, a private legal practitioner in Ghana, says the revelations are extremely worrying.

724406 The German car giant’s chief executive Martin Winterkorn resigned following the revelation.

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, the Sennheiser GAME ONE is an absolute revelation.

The revelation has caused some to question the border-free Schengen area – and not only in Germany.

It’s the latest revelation from documents provided by the agency’s former contractor Edward Snowden.

The revelation led to deep criticism of defense officials over America’s overall strategy against IS.

This is the beginning of his Holy influence and initiates the third age of revelation.

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