relevant in a sentence

A brief abridged list of the many relevant documents is given below.

We only store data relevant to and necessary for the above-mentioned purposes.

The content of his speech is not relevant to the subject.

Nelson’s comments were not really relevant to the discussion.

Corazon Aquino once stated that one must be frank to be relevant.

Successful applicants must meet all the relevant criteria, as listed below.

Please ensure that you attach all the relevant documents to your application.

I was able to find a book in the library that will be relevant to my research project.

Your beliefs and values belong to a different generation, and are just not very relevant to me.

Many of South Africa’s former holidays were canceled as they were only relevant to the white population.

The students were instructed to open their books to the relevant page as the professor began his lecture.

Talking about the personal life of employees is not relevant to a discussion of their ability to do their job.

William Gladstone once remarked that the heated mind resents the chill touch and relentless scrutiny of logic.

When writing essays, use quotes judiciously, quote only those portions of the original text that are relevant to the topic.

Economist Milton Friedman once suggested that the only relevant test of the validity of a hypothesis is comparison of prediction with experience.

According to Maier and Warren, university seminars are most effective when they are regular and frequent so that the discussions are relevant to current course topics.

As a language learner, you may sometimes need to supplement the work done in the classroom with material you have gathered which is relevant to your specific language goals.

Long is a relevant term. A century is but a blink in geologic terMs.
Staff had kindly retrieved the relevant documents from the archives.

Here, then, is “entertainment” of the most powerful and relevant kind.

“We basically went back to our roots and made that relevant for today.

But survey them along the way to see if you can be even more relevant.

As can be expected, the most relevant tweets are curt and to-the-point.

851028 “This still puts us early enough to be relevant in the process.”

Travel restrictions were not relevant to Cafferkey’s case, Wilson said.

Sadly, some of Gauck’s words about 1915 were just as relevant for 2015.

We’ve also got to be relevant to the lives of women and people of color.

“You can argue that it is no longer relevant and has fallen into abeyance.

That’s not as relevant a question as how good the games on it already are.

Target communication relevant to your customers. 2. Maximize the marketing.

If there is an absence of illegality then dolus eventualis is not relevant.

Those words sound especially relevant following the financial crisis, right?

Erdogan promises to take relevant measures if historians prove Turkey’s crime.

Still, there are echoes from the German case that are relevant to Greece today.

But that’s not the most relevant milestone of this extraordinary woman’s career.

Our results are absolutely relevant to other species, including humans, she said.

226199 First of all, the matter will concern establishment of relevant relations.

We won’t spoil it for you – the relevant part of the interview is embedded below.

The State Department has said it has turned over relevant emails to the committee.

Some candidates are already out of the race while others fight to remain relevant.

relevant recommendations were submitted to the High Council of Justice of Ukraine.

The proposals that I talk about are actually more relevant to the Black community.

But we still need ways relevant to today and tomorrow, not yesterday, to tackle it.

The relevant genes govern molecules that shape our moods and goal-driven behaviors.

“We also agree INGOs must operate within a relevant legal and regulatory framework.

Transitions prevent your brain from habituating to the effects so they stay relevant.

862261 To be relevant, the Commonwealth has got to stand for something,”” Lake said.”

305882 How an adviser is paid is relevant to the individual investor,”” Sellery says.”

This aspect will therefore no longer be relevant in the continued assessment by BaFin.

Color Play Asia says on its website that the powder complies with “relevant standards.”

This has been especially relevant in the past 12 months with the firm doubling in size.

Ashton said on Friday that he wants to make the NDP more relevant in rural communities.

This is particularly relevant given who is likely to take on the most debt for college.

But the prosecution argued that Ferrell’s appearance at the scene was relevant evidence.

That’s why the issues discussed at the Global Media Forum are extremely relevant to him.

This is a process which has to have all the relevant actors around the table, she added.

A simple rewrite makes the question less specific, and in turn more universally relevant.

The DMCA is the relevant copyright law in the US and New Zealand has similar requirements.

UEFA is fully aware of its responsibilities under the relevant provisions of the statutes.

But mid-sized agencies are becoming adept at sourcing relevant expertise wherever it exists.

They said any lines of enquiry would be passed to the relevant police force and followed up.

He stresses, however, that up to now gauge records show “no statistically relevant changes.”

The U.N. is working with “relevant parties on the ground” for the workers’ release, he said.

825103 They appear relevant,”” said University of New Hampshire law professor Michael McCann.”

The appearance of Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDE) makes this highly relevant.

Munro suggested another barrier to finding relevant work is employers’ reluctance to hire PhDs.

They have remained relevant over thousands of years by rethinking themselves over and over again.

The plan is to push ads in more formats that are targeted towards people with relevant interests.

It has to be relevant to the needs of the community, or else you won’t have students buy into it.

856118 Those hoping not to offend in future may wish to clear lion names with a relevant ministry.

It may be relevant as to her state of mind to determine what happened on the street, Diepraam said.

429231 I’ve included all of the relevant details and issued the caveats that this is a single case.

Thomas, though, said who is on the other side isn’t as relevant as how the Seahawks play themselves.

This is a relevant discourse, precisely because China’s rise is perhaps the question of the century.

402095 It offers a pan-government approach, where all the relevant ministers sit on a working group.

Masterson said there was no evidence to show that the hard drives are relevant to the profiling case.

Apple Maps: I searched for a nearby coffee shop and received several relevant results and directions.

Obviously, WikiLeaks has done a lot on this front, but do you think Chomsky’s view is relevant today?

This last point is particularly relevant if wood is to fulfill its promise as a sustainable material.

The relevant conversation went down as follows: MB: “Does it concern you that ISIS is using Telegram?”

Despite their weaknesses, are the laws of war still relevant in the nuclear age ?


relevant market area for motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle franchises, definitions.

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