progressively in a sentence

The framework of the new building is progressively appearing.

Thomas Carruthers once remarked that a teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.

From 1933 to 1939, a series of discriminatory laws were passed in Germany which progressively excluded people of Jewish .

These aircraft are being introduced progressively onto Asian routes.

There was progressively more and more ash and debris falling from the sky.

I threw a good bit of those, and after that it sort of progressively got worse.

Montgomery wore progressively looser clothing to disguise her expanding waistline.

However, as you might be thinking, home ownership isn’t that progressively distributed.

Moreover, the emergence of cloud-based solutions is helping this market grow progressively.

Each level is progressively challenging with All-State (grades 9-12) being by invitation only.

Each new age has been progressively shorter than the previous one.

The police response to the agitation grew progressively brutal in 1939.

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