predictable in a sentence

The weather of Albania is often harsh and unpredictable.

His failure was predictable, given his poor study habits.

The weather at this time of year is highly unpredictable.

Side effects are predictable but often unpleasant reactions to a drug.

The bears in the circus are supposed to be tame, but they can still be dangerous and unpredictable.

A landscape which is eroded by natural water systems will evolve through a series of predictable stages.

Weather in this part of the country is quite unpredictable, it can rain, snow and be sunny all in the space of a few hours.

I find mainstream movies to be kind of boring and predictable.

I much prefer the works of the small independent film companies.

This job is quite unpredictable.

Sometimes I stand around doing nothing for hours, and other times I’m just about run off my feet.

The sequence of physical development in humans, from lifting the head to taking one’s first steps, is a stable, orderly and predictable process.

A migrating gray whale has a predictable breathing pattern, generally blowing 3-5 times in 15-30 second intervals before submerging for 3-5 minutes.

Gordon Parks once remarked, “I do find a certain fascination with the unpredictable.

The transitory years we wade through are what they are – what we make of them.

” Alfred Montapert once remarked that animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal.

Difficult standards for people to live up to.

“The leap second is an irregular and currently unpredictable occurrence.

Duffy, like Andrew Younger, was in trouble, and therefore unpredictable.

You’re so predictable that Wall Street has an algorithm for your profile.

These guidelines could create an unpredictable outcome at Sunday’s polls.

For a Russian government-bankrolled medium, that may have been predictable.

Coffman’s spokesman, Tyler Sandberg, said Gibson’s reaction was predictable.

The music is a blend of everything the DJs taste and is always unpredictable.

She has a very defined set of things she enjoys, and she’s pretty predictable.

318501 Ice is unpredictable, but we’re keeping and eye on it,”” Sanders said.”

493436 Most of the sketches involving Trump were weak, timid or predictable.”””

The film was gripping despite its 2 and 1/2 hour length and predictable ending.

Tides are predictable for years in advance with a very high level of accuracy.”

563340 Please note: The weather is often unpredictable and sometimes dangerous.

32027 Alligators are at their most unpredictable and dangerous while underwater.

The referendum will happen, he believes, and the results would be unpredictable.

Holding up one of his favorite umbrellas, he breaks into almost predictable song.

Privacy is one, because what people care or don’t care to share is unpredictable.

Hide / Show comments Most articles about Bellevue produce a predictable response.

Less attractive, but much more predictable are my upper arms; my “chicken wings”.

The fact the ballot is secret may make the outcome of the vote more unpredictable.

One of the dissenting commissioners, Ajit Pai, said the new rules are unpredictable.

Many rank-and-file Republicans see Trump’s blunt and unpredictable style as an asset.

The duo had done this before in “Birdman,” but never in the unpredictable wilderness.

Officers say he was possibly armed and thought he might display unpredictable behavior.

In the three weeks since that bold prediction, the reaction has been, well, predictable.

The crossbenchers are unpredictable but on a number of occasions they have come with us.

Everrett says the robot, which has a female voice, is “gender neutral” and unpredictable.

He says the agency has changed testing procedures so they are unpredictable to automakers.

Asked what he would do between Phoenix and Torrey Pines, he offered a predictable response.

The technical jargon for a complex system is one that is “deterministic, but not predictable.”

54307 And the consistency of the iOS interface makes it much more comfortable and predictable.

While in some states the largest industry was predictable, it was somewhat surprising in others.

These students now leave a safe, structured, predictable environment and take on new challenges.

But Rauch will gradually be shaking up the often predictable, sometimes pedestrian OSF aesthetic.

Snow rangers remind even Tuckerman veterans that no two runs are alike in the unpredictable bowl.

“Moreover, protected areas are key to buffering unpredictable impacts of impending climate change.

But the things they see and do affect them psychologically – sometimes with unpredictable results.

It expressed alarm that the urban battles have “given the conflict a new, unpredictable momentum”.

FX’s Fargo, on the other hand, has consistently taken a more eccentric and unpredictable approach.

As predictable were calls by some members of Congress to suspend US assistance to the Palestinians.

250513 Goals set in January are being adjusted as the external environment becomes less predictable.

He added that cholera can be unpredictable, and the threat is never realized in some disaster areas.

“We are in a secular bull market with a predictable correction as we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

In Maine, the Shakers’ lives are as regimented and predictable as monks, nuns, soldiers, and sailors.

It affects trade and commerce and creates a more unpredictable investment environment,” Blinken said.

True to her unpredictable, witty persona, she told the audience that ‘Not all great singers are cool.

There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle that are not just predictable, that’s the hard part, she said.

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