phenomena in a sentence

A rainbow is one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature.

Find someone who believes in supernatural phenomena such as ESP.

philosophy Innovation has something to do with the faculty to notice unusual phenomena.

It is a natural phenomena which generally occurs about once every five years.

Find someone who thinks the moon’s phases influence people’s moods.

Do you believe in supernatural phenomena, such as ESP or telekinesis? phenomena such as earthquakes and hurricanes show us just how much power nature has.

So-called supernatural phenomena, such as clairvoyance and ESP have never been proven to exist.

The water cycle on earth manifests itself through many processes and phenomena, such as clouds and precipitation.

The water cycle on earth manifests itself through many processes and phenomena, such as clouds and precipitation.

manifest The study of internal neutral phenomena such as consciousness has been the focus of a great deal of psychological research in the past few decades.

So-called supernatural phenomena, such as clairvoyance, and ESP have never survived the empirical test, and are, therefore, unacceptable to the scientific mind.

Halley’s comet is named after Edmond G.

Halley, who was the first to suggest that comets were natural phenomena of our solar system, in orbit around the sun.

Louis Pasteur once observed that science advances through tentative answers to a series of more and more subtle questions which reach deeper and deeper into the essence of natural phenomena.

Johannes Kepler once noted that the diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great, and the treasures hidden in the heavens so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment.

China simply represents an extreme example of a much wider phenomena.”

He also pretty much created the celebrity chef phenomena, according to Tony.

The people who study our oceans and skies worry about both of these phenomena.

So it is this set of phenomena that make Africa very vulnerable,” he told AFP.

The weatherbomb was the original strangely-named weather phenomena to blast Britain recently.

56810 And to the extent they’re able to do that, they’re able to create fun, viral phenomena.”””

And they’re hosting one of the most ancient and popular retailing phenomena ever – farmers markets.

Shelley: I have noticed that in Germany there is little research on the linkages of these phenomena.

In comparison, the mediumistic phenomena of Miss Nichol (Mrs. Guppy) are of no account .

As the major control agent or principal cardinal adsorbent , ATP plays a central role in the control of all living phenomena.

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