meek in a sentence

They subjugate the meek.

Robert Browning once said that it’s safer being meek than fierce.

The key is that Asuka abuses Shinji.

So, rarely, Shinji flips and assaults Asuka.

Then Asuka is surprisingly meek.

There’s more to her than you think.

She may seem pretty meek on first glance, but I get the sense she can get things done when she needs to.

He wanted it to be white with white, and black with black, meek said.

On Aug. 6, meek received a letter that he was the target of an investigation.

I don’t know what was going through his head, meek‘s mother Kimberly Konzny said.

The rapper is also featured on the song Amen by Strawberry Mansion alum meek Mill.

392061 I think he wanted something big like Trayvon Martin,”” meek told the network.”

Joseph meek, a friend of Dylann Roof, speaks to The Associated Press on June 18, 2015.

Joey meek, 21, faces federal charges that, if convicted, could land him in prison for years.

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