medication in a sentence

One dose of this medication should be enough to stop the infection.

You may feel some dizziness or nausea as a result of the medication.

You should always read the label carefully before taking any medication.

Always ask your doctor about any medication he or she prescribes for you.

The medication the doctor prescribed for him rendered him incapable of having sex.

Her new medication helps to keep her from constantly alternating between extreme moods.

It is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication after such a short time.

She had a severe allergic reaction to the medication the doctor gave her, and almost died.

The patient had a mild reaction to the medication – some drowsiness and a bit of a stomachache.

The old man talked to his doctor about getting some medication to help him achieve an erection.

According to the information on the label, you should take this medication just before meal time.

He has occasional bouts of depression, but has been able to deal with the problem without medication.

I read in a tabloid that boxer Mike Tyson is taking some kind of medication to control his aggression.

Their grandmother’s behavior changed radically once she was put on medication for Alzheimer’s disease.

The doctor said that the patient’s health has improved steadily since they put him on some new medication.

In the old days of dentistry, tooth extractions were done without the benefit of proper painkilling medication.

During his chemotherapy treatments, he took a new medication made from marijuana in order to control his nausea.

She has an infection in her eye that is causing some blurriness) in her vision, but it should clear up with medication.

She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on.

medication made from marijuana has an important role to play in controlling nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

“When I do miss my medication, I know there’s a treatment team there.

Stanley Ivey is dependent on heart medication, and drops for glaucoma.

If he planned to disappear, why didn’t he take his medication with him?

“You have to be aware of what a medication’s potential side-effects are.

Instead, he said he mistakenly drank while taking pain-killing medication.

202629 Each opiate and pain medication he was prescribed had side effects.

And he was asking, ‘I need some medication, just anybody give me medicine.’

Certain fruits I can’t eat, because they might interfere with my medication.

She assured them Shane’s medication had been adjusted and he was home again.

In 2008, she sought medication for what she describes as severe stomach pain.

Guy who hiked up the price of AIDS medication was arrested today by the @FBI.

The baby suffers from a seizure disorder and needs medication for her condition.

Another recommendation would reduce medication costs for patients on observation.

Animal testing will now take place to determine the effectiveness of the medication.

She says more needs to be done to protect patients who rely on life-saving medication.

“You go into a hospital and the nurse or doctor gives you the wrong medication, right?

“They don’t give you any pain medication, and let me tell you: This was soooooo painful.

So I decided to be proactive and change my lifestyle with diet, exercise and medication.

Physicians are allowed to prescribe medication that patients must administer themselves.

Once back on medication and in treatment, I had to start from square one in my recovery.

Overall, a medication error or adverse drug event was documented in 124 of 277 surgeries.

The new medication she’s on wasn’t working because she wasn’t eating enough food each day.

Anthony Hill, a U.S. Air Force veteran had stopped taking medication for bipolar disorder.

He said the stimulant was contained in a sinus medication he had been taking for allergies.

Mishka was first prescribed medication, the same drugs often given to children with asthma.

For the rest of your life Patients have to take the medication for the rest of their lives.

The longest recorded amount of time between ingesting the medication and death was 41 hours.

106186 Be sure to remember to always carry your rescue medication just in case of emergency.

Meanwhile, it’s been months and you’re still having diarrhea and you’re still on medication.”

He needs medication throughout the day and every night he’s hooked up to the dialysis machine.

“No medication should be given in schools, because medication will be a way of hiding illness.

Her family were concerned after it emerged the teen has not taken her medication for two days.

Donations are important because some seniors stop taking medication to pay their heating bill.

Viagra is a prescription medication approved by the FDA and used to treat erectile dysfunction.

But they add he has taken medication faithfully and made a lot of progress in the ensuing years.

She began to deny her appearance, stopped bathing, taking her medication and applying the cream.

Typically, patients who need more than one medication would take one from each of these classes.

I think it’s fair for me to say today that I’m concerned the medication is not effective at all.

According to a former colleague, she had hospitalized him when he refused to take his medication.

The money will be used to pay for medication Clijsters will need to take for the rest of her life.

The RCMP said the two entered a pharmacy just after 6:30 p.m. and demanded prescription medication.

He looked dreadful: unshaven and unkempt, his eyes red and swollen, his lids heavy from medication.

Symptoms of mental illness and medication side effects are both obstacles to working competitively.

“Then you give a muscle relaxant – a snake poison-like medication that is also used in anesthesia.”

Aid funds are used to buy medication, but especially to support children’s homes in eastern Ukraine.

746731 The medication, mirabegron, works by activating receptors called beta-3 adrenergic receptors.

” In both cases, McGill’s mother, Sue, received the correct medication, but the incorrect pill size.

A third document shows “yes” was checked next to the question of whether Bland was taking medication.

391409 It has to be left up to the physician who he gets or she gets to prescribe a medication to.”””

He says many of his mental health patients need medication and sometimes involuntary hospitalization.

In fact, most of the time you do have some sort of side reaction to medication, just not this severe.

Colborne dismissed the diary entries as “angry rants” made when he was off medication for depression.

625048 Since he’s right-handed, he can’t write or sign his name, or even open his medication bottles.

In the meantime, Cohen says she can’t pay for doctors’ visits and medication for her cancer treatment.

The program increased medication adherence by 3 percent.

Different determinants of medication adherence have been described.

Cilantro foliage is used carefully as folk medication since age-old occasions.

I agree about the medication connection to constipation.

Ambulatory care services can for example take the medication.

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