investigating in a sentence

The police are investigating the murder.

The police are investigating the cause of the crash.

The police are investigating the cause of the accident.

The police are now investigating the cause of the accident.

They are investigating the mystery of the universe thoroughly.

Police are investigating the disappearance of a local businessman.

Police are investigating the mysterious death of a local politician.

The police are investigating the cause of the crash around the clock.

The investigating committee is looking into the cause of the accident.

The police are investigating the apparent alteration of some bank documents.

The fire marshal is investigating a fire which destroyed a church over the weekend.

The wealthy businessman vanished from his home last week, and police are investigating.

Police are investigating a savage attack on an elderly couple in a city park last night.

The fire marshal is investigating a suspicious blaze which destroyed a church over the weekend.

Police are investigating the events leading up to the riot which occurred after the soccer game.

Police are investigating a suspicious-looking parcel which was left in a local department store.

Police are investigating a human skull recently unearthed by boys playing in a local wooded area.

Firefighters are investigating a mysterious fire which broke out at a local high school overnight.

Police are investigating the disappearance of a local man believed to be involved in drug dealing.

Witnesses to the murder gave conflicting reports of what happened, so police are still investigating.

When a crime is reported, the police commence the criminal process by investigating what has occurred.

The scientific method is the main tool used by psychologists for investigating both the mind and behavior.

Health researchers are investigating the elevated rate of certain types of cancers in the area around the factory.

When investigating the pH (acidic, neutral, alkaline) of a liquid, don’t soak the litmus paper completely in the liquid but just put the end of the paper in it.

The school principal is investigating an incident at the school in which two children threatened to beat up another child if he didn’t give them his lunch money.

President Richard Nixon argued that audio tapes from his office were privileged information, and as such should be unavailable to reporters investigating the Watergate scandal.

Well, there’s something I’d like your advice on about my research project .



Let’s see.



Hmm, you’re investigating flowering plants then.

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the March 29 crash.

We’re still examining and investigating the extent of this incident.

Charleston officials are investigating the shooting as a hate crime.

The men were shot dead by Texas police, and the FBI is investigating.

The four suspects will go before an investigating judge on Wednesday.

Now, Dortmund prosecutors are investigating alleged further breaches.

Police say they are investigating and have not announced any arrests.

Jail officials began investigating in August on a tip from an inmate.

The detective branch of the city’s police were investigating further.

Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety department is investigating.

Police are investigating the area but have found no signs of gunfire.

The network is investigating other possible exaggerations by WilliaMs. FAA officials are also investigating the circumstances of the landing.

Police and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada are investigating.

The Cuyahoga County sheriff’s department is investigating the shooting.

The shooting is the fifth that Surrey RCMP are investigating this week.

579934 RCMP are investigating three separate weather-related accidents.

668562 That’s a sign of possible fraud that may be worth investigating.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the shooting.

Maryland’s natural resources authorities are investigating the incident.

She was arrested at the scene and police are investigating the incident.

The state is now investigating how many of these are actually fraudulent.

President Barack Obama apologized and the U.S. military is investigating.

The FBI and U.S. Secret Service are both investigating the alleged hacks.

“We have reported this to the police and they are investigating this hoax.

Police, firefighters investigating as arson, Oct. 23, 2015 Lakewood, Wash.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is investigating what led to his death.

Authorities are investigating whether she had a role in the Paris attacks.

According to CNN, the FBI and Secret Service are investigating the report.

HPD has been investigating the case with the Baton Rouge Police Department.

The LCSO has been aggressively searching and investigating since yesterday.

The FBI is also investigating the security of Clinton’s private email setup.

The building houses a centre for investigating threats to national security.

The other came to the attention of police investigating a prison-break plot.

The Spokane Police Department is the lead agency investigating the shooting.

Abe’s office and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are investigating.

He and his translator did some investigating and found the stories were true.

The investigating magistrate has described this as a possible attempted rape.

Kronos director Stéphane Charron said the company is investigating the spill.

The Herrin Police Department is investigating Dana Kind’s death as a homicide.

The police department’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the incident.

No injuries were reported, and authorities were still investigating the cause.

They are among those given to a special House panel investigating the attacks.

The cold-case unit began investigating the cases when the unit debuted in 2004.

The municipal auditor general spent more than a year investigating the project.

Tests have not confirmed any connection, but the agency is still investigating.

State officials know about the video Marshall posted, but aren’t investigating.

772524 The province’s Special Investigations Unit is investigating the shooting.

Hall said that no suspect was in custody and that detectives were investigating.

Well, the U.S. Attorney’s office was investigating Samson anyway for Bridgegate!

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating what caused the crash.

Belfast Harbour police confirmed they are were “investigating the circumstances”.

The state prosecutor is currently investigating him for incitement of the people.

Activists blame police for the death and the government says it is investigating.

The National Transportation Safety Board was investigating the cause of the wreck.

Idaho officials are investigating six other possible cases linked to the outbreak.

The FBI is now involved and are investigating the case as possibly hate-motivated.

A bipartisan Senate panel has been investigating the agency’s problems for a year.

The DFACS and the Appling County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the allegation.

It wasn’t immediately clear who planted the cannabis but police are investigating.

Winnipeg police confirmed their internet child exploitation unit is investigating.

Provincial police are investigating a homicide after finding a body inside an SUV.

KOKOMO, Ind. – Kokomo police were investigating a fatal shooting Thursday morning.

524790 Officials are investigating a partial building collapse in East Mount Airy.

Police declined to comment beyond saying they are investigating all possibilities.

Authorities now say they are investigating the possibility of suicide or homicide.

A spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau said they’re not investigating the case.

Miami Beach Police are investigating after a tourist was pistol whipped and robbed.

Police identified the body this week and are investigating his death as a homicide.

Authorities said later Sunday that they were investigating the death as suspicious.

Blazey has appealed to the Bank of Montreal’s Ombudsman who is still investigating.

Federal agents started investigating the business after an anonymous tip last year.

The Clay County Sheriff is investigating the disappearance of an adult from Brazil.

New Orleans police say they have not received a complaint and are not investigating.

We would not confirm if we are investigating someone or details of an investigation.

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