inflict in a sentence

My master inflicted hard work on me.

Beavers rarely inflict damage on people.

Our army has inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy.

These insects have inflicted serious damage on the forests of our state.

Government soldiers have inflicted heavy casualties on the rebel forces.

Author Ernest Hemingway died at age 62 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

An African proverb observes that a wound inflicted by a friend does not heal.

She thinks that hunters should be forbidden from inflicting suffering upon animals for sport.

Orchids often grow by clinging to trees and bushes, but do not inflict injury on their hosts.

Cyril Connolly once noted that there is no pain equal to that which two lovers can inflict on one another.

Mason Cooley once suggested that children enjoy inflicting pain until unhappiness teaches them tenderness.

The damage inflicted on the tourism industry of Toronto by the SARS epidemic cost the city millions of dollars.

The government may survive this scandal, but the damage inflicted on the party will likely cost them the election.

The infliction of pain on laboratory test animals is sad, but sometimes necessary for the development of lifesaving medications.

When parrots are caged for a long time, the boredom can drive them crazy, with the result that many inflict wounds upon themselves.

In April of 1989, Argentina, hit by hyper-inflation, literally ran out of money, leaving thousands of people without any cash.

inflict Psychology experiments show that people are surprisingly willing to inflict pain on others if an authority figure tells them to do it.

influence A Turkish proverb notes that even if the whole world conspired against you, it would not inflict a quarter of the harm you inflict upon yourself.

955691 Yet this is not her first brush with self-inflicted controversy.

And then we send them back to the place where the trauma was inflicted.”

The wounds inflicted on Taiwan have never completely healed, Hung wrote.

Flanagan died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after fleeing the scene.

319009 I couldnt imagine inflicting pain on ANY child or any other person.

You cannot imagine the mental harassment they inflicted upon me, Gao said.

679475 The aim was to inflict the largest number of casualties,”” he said.”

Mr Jordan said: “People don’t realise the damage and pain dogs can inflict.

No person should ever have to endure the horrors that these two men inflicted.”

It killed more than 500 people and inflicted an estimated $30 billion in damages.

Officials tell @TRex21 that Shannon Lamb died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police found Ringquist bloodied from what they suspect was a self-inflicted injury.

The unspeakable carnage inflicted in Paris will heighten divisions that already exist.

Self-inflicted mistakes A new century saw the first Juice Boost bar open in March 2000.

Pasceri was found dead of what was “clearly” a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Evans said.

Our armed forces repelled them and inflicted large casualties among them al-Hannous said.

That didn’t stop the storm from inflicting $67 billion damage along the Eastern Seaboard.

The paper says her wound was self-inflicted, and the EMTs found her lying in a pool of blood.

But let’s say my son is crying about something other than pain he has inflicted on his sibling.

According to police, the injuries were inflicted “by someone acting in defense (of) the victim.”

It features a vicious, teasing killer determined to inflict mass violence on crowds of Americans.

Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said such violence “inflicts loss of confidence” in the country.

667617 That report made 94 recommendations to help heal the wounds inflicted by forced assimilation.

141857 But to avoid accidentally inflicting childhood obesity, I’m definitely getting smaller plates.

He said he wants drivers to know the pain inflicted by a crash can ripple through entire communities.

The warplanes “inflicted heavy losses on” IS militants, destroying both “equipment and their spirits.”

Every golfer at every level has experienced the little agonies and deep wounds the game can inflict .

Elephants can be trained to execute prisoners in a variety of ways , and can be taught to prolong the agony of the victim by inflicting a slow death by torture or to kill the condemned quickly by stepping on the head.

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