increasingly in a sentence

The exercises are becoming increasingly effective as your body becomes more acclimatised to the postures.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the problem is accentuated .

We complete academically ( increasingly poorly).

New technology has made violent video games increasingly realistic.

Modern finance is becoming increasingly complicated and sophisticated.

Use of the Internet to download music is becoming increasingly popular.

The world’s aviation industry is growing increasingly worried about crashes.

Throughout history, men have increasingly assumed dominance in the public sphere.

The use of robots is becoming increasingly prevalent in factories around the world.

The citizens of our city are increasingly concerned about the rise in violent crime.

The nurturing of children in our society is carried out increasingly by both parents.

The air around our cities is being increasingly poisoned by the fumes from automobiles.

Sports Utility Vehicles are becoming increasingly more common on North America’s roads.

Record companies are increasingly frustrated with people pirating music off the Internet.

Cheap prices and sunny beaches have made Portugal into an increasingly popular tourist venue.

Man’s need for communication fostered the development of increasingly sophisticated language.

Computer technology is becoming an increasingly essential part of the modern learning process.

The U.S. is growing increasingly concerned about Japan’s growing trade surplus.

The Catholic Church became increasingly materialistic and corrupt during the fifteenth century.

The old man’s breathing was increasingly shallow, and doctors feared he wouldn’t last the night.

The profit margin for the team is being constrained by increasingly excessive players’ salaries.

Studies show that women are increasingly entering traditionally masculine trades and professions.

Man’s need for communication fostered the development of increasingly sophisticated language.

sore Japanese teachers are increasingly being assaulted by their students, according to a recent news report.

The exotically beautiful jungle of the Amazon is becoming an increasingly popular eco-tourism destination.

As agriculture in this country becomes increasingly mechanized, more and more people are losing their jobs.

Wild panda bears are becoming increasingly rare, and scientists are afraid that soon they will become extinct.

This is the age of information, and computers are playing an increasingly important role in our everyday life.

Full-time, permanent jobs are increasingly scarce these days as companies hire more and more people on contract.

The grimness of the situation was becoming increasingly evident, we didn’t have a chance of winning the contract.

With the party’s recent poor showing in public opinion polls, the leader is increasingly being seen as a liability.

The current level of medical care in this province will be increasingly difficult to uphold as our population ages.

Immigration laws in this country are becoming increasingly restrictive, due to pressure from the right wing parties.

The English Program has instituted many changes over the years in an attempt to provide an increasingly better program.

Gang violence is increasingly common, with kids attacking someone simply because he is wearing the colors of their rivals.

As this country becomes more multicultural, the national celebration of Christian holy days seems increasingly inappropriate.

With parents increasingly busy in our modern society, it is often left to teachers to teach values and morals to children in school.

Computer hacking, once a relatively rare phenomenon restricted to a limited number of computer experts, is becoming increasingly mainstream.

The chances for peace in the Middle East seem increasingly remote now that talks between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have broken off.

Stephen Wolfe once remarked, “It’s scary to think that the infrastructure of the industrialized world is increasingly based on software like this.

” Smoking is becoming increasingly prevalent among young women in the Asian countries, due to an aggressive advertising campaign by tobacco companies.

She has a boyfriend she’s been going out with since high school but feels their relationship has become a matter of habit and is increasingly dissatisfied.

Alternative therapies, such as shiatsu and acupressure are becoming increasingly popular with a public which wants something different from conventional medicine.

Many of the big-name beer brands are being displaced by locally-made micro-brewery beers, which are becoming increasingly popular because of their superior quality.

Philip Zimbardo recently noted that cults are attractive to some because their leaders offer simple solutions to the increasingly complex world problems we all face daily.

Margaret J.

Kenney has suggested that it is necessary for all students, regardless of their choice of career path, to receive some instruction in discrete mathematics so that they will be able to function as informed citizens of an increasingly technological society.

They also increasingly a source of instability to the entire region.

The result: That eye was now blind and growing increasingly painful.

As inflation rises, the peso has increasingly less purchasing power.

Conversations underway with government are increasingly constructive.

Chinese manufacturers’ debts are increasingly dwarfing their profits.

“We’ve seen increasingly unprofessional behavior from Russian forces.

They’re increasingly popular, and the profit margins are significant.

Today, doing that type of business is becoming increasingly difficult.

They became increasingly angry when they couldn’t find money and guns.

Republicans argue that the public is increasingly opposed to abortion.

However, while poor, the residents, too, were increasingly better off.

776543 There are other signs that builders are increasingly optimistic.

“Teaching at a college itself is increasingly becoming a part time job.

Hospitals and schools had increasingly become targets, UNICEF concluded.

169147 “Competition in this championship is getting increasingly fierce.”

For some, his increasingly frank talk about race is too little, too late.

Our budgets have to be increasingly dedicated to these security concerns.

The menus of expensive restaurants increasingly feature local ingredients.

Digital technology is an increasingly important part of our marketing mix.

But drug companies are increasingly reluctant to supply states with those.

But the Germans are increasingly vindictive, and inclined to block a deal.

And the race is intense as automakers increasingly compete in new markets.

The security environment surrounding Japan is becoming increasingly harsh.

Republicans are increasingly acknowledging that it’s a major issue as well.

Extremes of drought and flooding are expected to become increasingly common.

Over his years in power, Erdogan has also become increasingly authoritarian.

Trump has become increasingly critical of Fiorina as her standing has risen.

The responsibility for this increasingly dangerous situation lies with them.”

879052 Under pressure in Somalia, Shebab is now increasingly targeting Kenya.

But smaller blasts have become increasingly common in Cairo and other cities.

Monuments honoring the once-beloved comedian are looking increasingly creepy.

“The liability for breaches is increasingly shifting onto retailers,” he said.

“The increasingly authoritarian regime of President Abdulla Yameen responded..

The mixed company earnings increasingly weighed on stocks as the week wore on.

“I wasn’t an out-gay man at that point and I found that increasingly difficult.

394051 I think the smartphone is increasingly viewed as an essential in China.”

It’s just that we increasingly access the web through apps, as mentioned above.

The hardliners in Putin’s inner circle have increasingly gained the upper hand.

That criticism has left the IS extremists in an increasingly isolated position.

50028 And it’s increasingly being framed as a right rather than a privilege.”””

However, its dynamism was increasingly bogged down by the global finical crisis.

Floating around slowly in low-earth orbit performing increasingly trivial data..

355995 Indeed, it looks increasingly unlikely to happen until 2018,”” he noted.”

127571 “But increasingly students and teachers are finding out about this place.”

“Today, the global high-tech factory model is increasingly running out of steam..

It was most common among Hispanic people and became increasingly common with age.

Drones are increasingly being used by small companies to shoot promotional videos.

And it goes on and on from there, to – increasingly – the energy in our gas tanks.

But as the service has boomed in growth, it’s increasingly faced regulatory hurdles.

Jeff’s two year battle with cancer has grown increasingly difficult in recent weeks.

Officers have found it increasingly difficult to keep them within a designated field.

One of us(!) writes that his immigration positions are becoming increasingly unclear.

The new MacBook is designed to fit effortlessly into our increasingly wireless world.

Done View gallery NEW YORK (AP) – New York is increasingly becoming chain store city.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that workers quit their managers, not their company.

The ethos of wholesome ingredients is increasingly being embraced across the industry.

“The market is increasingly active, but from the side of buyers (of foreign currency).

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