imminent in a sentence

A storm is imminent.

He prepared for his imminent departure.

Find someone who is an immigrant.

The company is in imminent danger of collapse.

When there is imminent danger, many people pray to God.

Soldiers! Man your action stations.

Enemy attack is imminent! The famous singer faces imminent arrest on charges of assault.

With the collapse of negotiations, a labor strike appears imminent.

When we saw the dark clouds gathering, we knew that rain was imminent.

The contractions were coming quickly, and birth of the child was imminent.

The patient suffered a setback during the night, and death seems imminent.

The President had been convinced since the Czech crisis that war was imminent.

Analysts believe that an announcement of the company’s bankruptcy is imminent.

Despite years of scientific research, a cure for the common cold is not imminent.

immune The warlords from Jupiter warned the Earthlings that the complete destruction of their planet was imminent.

Despite extensive research into the treatment and prevention of cold infections, no cure is imminent.

external The President’s press secretary has appeared, and an announcement regarding the health of the President is imminent.

The nation’s leading scientists have announced that with a huge meteor streaking towards our world, the end of the planet earth seems imminent.

A Chinese proverb notes that the best doctor prevents illness, an average doctor visits when the illness is imminent, and the unskilled doctor treats your present illness.

There is a Chinese proverb which observes that the best doctor prevents illness, an average doctor visits when the illness is imminent, and the unskilled doctor treats your present illness.

“While not imminent, there is a possibility to a disruption to shipping.”

Hours later, some returned home after authorities ruled out imminent risk.

No more talent changes are believed to be imminent, but there will be more.

The latest Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report is due for imminent publication.

379622 Iran is far away, and its danger is not imminently palpable in the West.

Unfortunately, that is not the case and a final determination is not imminent.”

The staffing decisions and signing of the lease signal an imminent announcement.

For example, the situation must be deemed an “imminent critical threat” to Japan.

Officials insists there is no specific imminent threat but rather growing concern.

It’s ruled that crime-fighters cannot simply enter premises citing “imminent danger.”

But the US believed a little-known al Qaeda cell posed a more imminent danger.

With a springtime spike in shootings and a summertime plan imminent, reality rises up.

This will not lead to the immediate or even imminent demise of so-called Islamic State.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia contends this church is “in imminent danger of collapse.”

Apple has also expressed an interest in entering the space, although nothing is imminent.

Kuna police say See’s children, who are all under the age of 10, were in imminent danger.

If social upheaval seems imminent, investors will bet on them curtailing some production.

Singha is open to increasing its investment in English football, but no plans are imminent.

Greenpeace criticized Australia’s planned port expansion as an imminent danger to the reef.

But an imminent end to the Boko Haram crisis seems a very unlikely development at this stage.

Collins’ imminent departure was a key part of the decision-making process to appoint Manning.

Bower, 67, has faced imminent execution six times while in prison, according to court papers.

A cartel indictment against the country’s top construction and engineering firms is imminent.

Grave danger could be imminent,” forecaster Takuya Deshimaru told an emergency press conference.

Time is of the essence because there are construction projects that are imminent, Bereziuk said.

And oil is feeling the pressure from an imminent Iran deal and rising production from OPEC.

The site says the fire is so close, you can hear it “crackling” and that evacuation was imminent.

Smith resigned in spring 2014, although Pincock says her termination at that time was “imminent.”

From the autumn of 1993 it became increasingly obvious that a catastrophe in Rwanda was imminent.

But he told an FBI agent that he “currently does not have the means or an imminent plan to do so.”

Threats of imminent war and nuclear destruction are aimed at the U.S. from North Korea all the time.

Instead, the Fed will wait until September, so that might make a possible correction “less imminent.”

The move, officials have said, comes in response to what they called a “serious and imminent” threat.

When you finally get oriented to your cove you discover the truth: your anchor has dragged and you’re in imminent danger of going aground on nearby rocks.

From the screen on her forehead, the Justice Legion L keeps ahead of imminent crises.

A further thickening of the altostratus is often accompanied by virga and the arrival of precipitation is imminent.

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