hooded in a sentence

The hooded clouds, like friars, tell their beads in drops of rain.

He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt with a half white mask over his face.

He was last seen wearing a dark green jacket and grey hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans.

367104 Inside his backpack, he had a box cutter, a mask, gloves and a hooded sweatshirt.

He was wearing dark clothes, including a dark hooded jacket at the time of the shooting.

They had to take a secret oath while hooded and drink from the same buff-and-blue chalice.

Omnipresent frescoes depicting hooded gunmen and hunger strikers illustrate the painful past.

A photo captured him wearing a hooded parka and camouflage pants, smears of blood on his face.

He was wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans and dirty shoes at the time of the attack.

We all laughed because, actually, with his smooth skin and hooded eyes and wispy beard, he did.

View gallery hooded police officers detain a man in Saint-Denis, near Paris, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015.

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