hazardous in a sentence

Hazardous material abatement can be accomplished under a single contract.

Smoking is hazardous to your health, everyone knows that! All hazardous materials must be disposed of properly.

Snow and rain often produce hazardous driving conditions.

The industrial world produces 150 million tons of hazardous waste every year.

The proper disposal of hazardous waste has always been a problem for nuclear power plants.

Difficult weather conditions can be hazardous for drivers because visibility is often reduced.

Mason Cooley once suggested that illusions are hazardous, and so are disillusions.

disintegrate Studies show that riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is much more hazardous than riding on the roads.

Human beings produce more than 100 tons of toxic or hazardous waste every second of every day.

trace Human beings produce more than 100 tons of toxic or hazardous waste every second of every day.

headline Shipments of hazardous waste are generally transported by trucks because they can easily access industrial sites.

It is important to keep all medications, cleaning and automotive supplies, and other hazardous products out of the reach of children.

Winston Churchill once said that true genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.

Deep-sea diving from oil rigs is among the world’s most hazardous occupations, averaging a death rate of 1 out of every 100 workers each year.

785587 There’s nothing hazardous whatsoever,”” said Sgt. David Cowan.”

“This creates a whole set of risks and hazardous situations,” he says.

It said the incident posed no hazardous risks to people or the environment.

BNSF hazardous materials teams were also responding to help with the cleanup.

Coffee tables, dressers, bookcases, and file cabinets could all be hazardous.

The blasts ripped through warehouses that stored hazardous chemical materials.

551619 Paraxylene is a hazardous chemical used to produce fibers and plastics.

“HF, in our view, and my view, is one of the most hazardous and deadly chemicals.

The most hazardous place for postal workers was Los Angeles, with 74 dog attacks.

Four Nevada National Guard hazardous materials detection team members are on site.

Crews will be penalized if they sail over these boundaries toward hazardous areas.

hazardous smog has blanketed most of northern and eastern regions in the past week.

Lawyers, therefore, might receive no remuneration for their hard and hazardous work.

In many cases, the children are forced to work long hours under hazardous conditions.

The Kentucky State Police hazardous Materials Unit was called in to clear the device.

Fire officials said hazardous chemicals stored at the warehouse were ignited by fire.

354259 In Bangladesh, around 4.5 million children are working under hazardous conditions.

So it’s a much more hazardous strain than the one that involved the Chipotle restaurants.”

Parts of Long Island dealt with hazardous conditions, with snow falling 2 inches per hour.

Ryba said other materials can be hazardous even if the structure of the building is intact.

Shelter-in-place refers to incidents where there is a hazardous chemical in the air outside.

The Maryland State Highway Administration warned motorists that travel may become hazardous.

Carter says all streets are currently snow covered, making it extremely hazardous for travel.

This storm could make road travel hazardous for those heading to and from Super Bowl parties.

Okabe said the chemical state of the phosgene was unknown but “could be potentially hazardous.”

hazardous winter conditions are expected with a mixture of freezing rain, ice pellets, and snow.

214529 Events like this spill demonstrate that transporting oil is as hazardous as producing it.

He’s the best leader you could have for this hazardous region, the 30-year-Likud member told AFP.

The most hazardous property of acetone is its extreme flammability.

Wear chemical safety goggles when using hazardous solvents and detergents, and do not mix cleaning agents .

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