hallmark in a sentence

Until the mid-eighteenth century, absolutism was the hallmark of Europe.

This program has become the hallmark of trans-Atlantic cooperation.”

Better integration across the board and real measures of ROI are a hallmark.

The hallmark Channel hosts the feline counterpoint to the beloved Puppy Bowl.

For Allen film fans, however, the movie had many of his traditional hallmarks.

Barack Obama’s deep and true love for our country has been a hallmark of his career.

Tau is a protein that causes tangles in the brain that are a hallmark of Alzheimer’s.

The disparity between rich and poor in America is a hallmark of Sanders’ talking points.

Loose credit was both the hallmark of the last housing boom and the reason for its demise.

When blessed with sight, the child should agree with me that Renoir is pre-hallmark trash.

And a willingness to risk failure and learn from it is the hallmark of an innovative company.

That kind of collaboration will be the hallmark if we earn Canadians’ trust on Monday, he said.

A hallmark of American life – griping about work – has landed a Florida man in a Middle Eastern jail.

Putin’s attempt at “shock and awe” in Syria has all the hallmarks of failed U.S. policies of the past.

Being ahistorical is an ongoing and dangerous hallmark of US society.

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