guitars in a sentence

The singer’s voice soared above the sound of the guitars.

The guitars were howling, and the drums pounding, and everyone was dancing.

Afro-pop is a style of music combining the complex African rhythms with electric guitars and other modern instruments.

“It is one of the few guitars that came home after Jimi passed away.

Acoustic guitars don’t do much for him and he finds singing stressful.

guitars Not Guns believes music has the power to heal even the most broken.

55237 And the other part of it, especially on acoustic guitars, is the tone.”

His nickname was “Titi,” and friends said he loved guitars, cigars and traveling.

In the previous one, the tendency was to be more rocky with more guitars,” he said.

King used various models of Gibson guitars over the years and named them each Lucille.

Two of his black electric guitars – each named Lucille – stood among sprays of flowers.

It’s rather overdone, as the loud layers of guitars obfuscate Victoria’s unusual voice.

King has used various models of Gibson guitars over the years and named them each Lucille.

His mother and uncles played guitars and banjos but none of them played professionally, he said.

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There are many types of acoustic guitars.

This style is commonly played on steel string acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitars are commonly constructed in several different body types.

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