guidance in a sentence

Besides guidance and weight management, atmospheric re-entry without ablative overheating was a major hurdle.

He worked under divine guidance.

Our constitution was drawn up under American guidance.

I hope you will favor me with your guidance at that time.

Masao studies history under Prof. Ito’s guidance.

I always looked to my father for guidance when I was growing up.

Jason has made a lot of improvement under the guidance of his new coach.

He’s got a career guidance meeting.

So today it’s just me and you.

It would be presumptuous to call myself his replacement, but I could offer some guidance.

The policy framework will provide guidance on when and where bike lanes will be installed.

Just getting onetoone guidance was enough to make it an extremely fulfilling practise session.

Depending on the results both companies may be put under administrative guidance from February.

His job includes analyzing cost and profit data in order to give guidance in managerial decision making in the company.

Shakti Gawain once said that every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.

Bette Davis once suggested that discipline is a symbol of caring to a child, who needs guidance.

If there is love, there is no such thing as being too tough with a child.

The widespread application of administrative guidance is considered to be a uniquely Japanese practice in which bureaucrats exert authority, without any legal backing, telling the private sector what to do and what not to do.

Pepsi (NYSE:PEP) gained 1.3% on an earnings beat and guidance raise.

I have great confidence in the company’s future under Matt’s guidance.”

913004 We offer guidance on how to close the IT security governance gap.

‘I specifically want to thank Judge Shea for his guidance in this matter.

Environmentalists say the SEC guidance gives companies too much latitude.

Provide specific guidance as to when grade separation should be considered.

Even at the age of 25, others flocked to him, seeking advice and guidance.”

Concern about false alarms contributed to the cancer society’s new guidance.

United Technologies also lowered its earnings guidance for the year on Monday.

And on top of all that, Under Armour raised full-year revenue guidance higher.

357308 In each specialized economy, government policy and guidance is important.

And Kendall, the aide said, has followed State Department guidance on safekeeping.

It also lagged behind its guidance of an increase of 5 basis points for this year.

We all deal with many chemical and alcoholic dependencies where we need guidance.”

Stratasys yanked 2015 financial guidance and cut its outlook for the third quarter.

To succeed, yes, we need instruction and guidance, but not so much that it ruins us.

Additionally, management’s guidance for 2016 was below what analysts were expecting.

They need your guidance more than ever regarding these new drugs and methods of use.

We help you navigate your ideas and worries, and craft the concise guidance you need.

On Friday, children can go to their guidance counsellors discreetly and pick up a kit.

Vanessa Temple had hoped to offer support and guidance to other breastfeeding mothers.

More than 25 million people visit each month for research and guidance.

But it does need a little love and guidance and support from those who have been there.

Following that guidance, states have made vaccination a requirement for attending school.

She offers guidance in divorce, breaking up, and how to start a new life for single women.

Nettey has enjoyed a brilliant year under the guidance of revered American coach Dan Pfaff.

A Chinese statement read: “It is important to give political guidance to the negotiations..

357441 I needed guidance on practical concerns like how to get back on track with my degree.

The Crown Prosecution Service has issued guidance stating they “are not legal for road use”.

She added she hoped the new guidance would reassure people they can and should ask for help.

The American Canoe Association trains instructors, creates courses and offers gear guidance.

These decisions, the lawsuit said, were made without any guidance or training by supervisors.

Thank you very much, Pope Francis, for your insight and guidance on the global warming issue.

We will continue to look to the judicial system for additional guidance on this rule, he said.

Spokesman Christoph Sander told the AP on Tuesday that the new guidance isn’t legally binding.

Volkswagen Australia has said it is still awaiting guidance from its head office on the matter.

They really need guidance in doing that and high schools aren’t designed to do that very well.”

China devalued the yuan earlier in August, by pushing its official guidance rate down 2 percent.

Here’s why: –Sirius is growing nicely, and it consistently beats estimates and raises guidance.

Young had just landed his dream job as a high school guidance counselor, according to his mother.

Dylan Neal will be playing Anastasia’s stepdad and main father figure and source of guidance, Bob.

Gordie Cox, Colonel Gray High School guidance counselor says many students are affected by Yik Yak.

Excavations took place between May and June 2015, under the guidance of professor Peter M. Fischer.

The government has steadfastly refused to give guidance on what its contribution will be,” he said.

Here, AusCorp Connect have shared their top tips on how to access leadership guidance and education.

But applications to missile guidance during the Cold War made them smaller, more durable and faster.

“We have a constitution that provides us with guidance and structure that we must honour and respect.

This shortsighted view of Chipotle’s guidance does not take the company into long-term consideration.

After starting the route guidance the user will simply follow the Augmented Reality navigation arrows.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush criticized her guidance of U.S. foreign policy as secretary of state.

Specialized guidance from a qualified insurance agent or broker is a must.

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