glaciers in a sentence

Topsoils are thin and poor because the glaciers had abraded down to the bedrock.

glaciers have carved huge grooves in the rocks here.

A satellite was launched into orbit to monitor melting glaciers.

The glacier retreated during the last Ice Age, about 12,000 years ago.

The grooves in the rocks here were made by ice dragged along the surface by the glaciers.

glaciers occupy 10 percent of the world’s land surface, an area as large as South America.

The Ice Age ended in 10,000 B.


when the glaciers in Europe began to retreat.

These ridges and cracks in the rocks were formed when the glaciers retreated thousands of years ago.

An iceberg is a sparkling mountain of ice that has broken off a glacier, and moved into the open sea.

Primitive creatures living on our planet have been able to adapt and live in radical habitats including glaciers, ocean hot springs, and volcanic craters.

For climate scientist Lebel, the outlook for the glaciers isn’t good.

602419 Scientists aren’t sure exactly when the glaciers will disappear.

The lakes left behind by receding glaciers also pose a major flood threat.

It’s also a relative rarity: a glacier that’s growing in size, not shrinking.

Nine people died in 2010 when a skydiving plane crashed near the same glacier.

Over the last century, global warming has caused all Alpine glaciers to recede.

Scientists predict that most of the glaciers in the Alps could be gone by 2050.

Next: Friday at Seattle Prep, 7 p.m. 5. glacier Peak (6-1) Beat Shorecrest, 58-8.

The Dry Valleys are almost entirely ice-free, except for a few isolated glaciers.

They’re trying to calculate how much flow and sediment is coming from the glacier.

“Without a doubt he’s a Division I player,” glacier Peak coach Rory Rosenbach said.

And, if you don’t need real-time access to your data, there’s always Amazon glacier.

glacier is for data archiving, or cold storage, that can be used for records storage.

It may be difficult to halt the most vulnerable glaciers from collapsing into the sea.

In 2010, the panel came under fire after an uncorrected blunder in a report on glaciers.

Photographer Mario Tama takes a look at the glaciers and what’s happening on the ground.

A glacier in Finse, Norway, stands in for the frozen planet Hoth in the Star Wars canon.

Hydro dams may not be able to always depend on upstream glaciers to fill their reservoirs.

As glaciers from the last ice age melted into the Mediterranean, the sea became less salty.

481236 Meltwater poured off the glacier in sheets and carved deep channels through the ice.

It was still impressive in 1992, when Fagre first hiked to the glacier to take measurements.

Slide the bar to see the change in the Bear glacier, in northwestern B.C., from 1978 to 2013.

Isolated glaciers can store liquid water in their upper layers year-round, a new study finds.

Courtesy of the glacier 1882 photo taken by G.D. Hazard; 2005 photo taken by Bruce F. Molnia.

Vatnajökull glacier (Iceland) – Another GoT regular, Iceland has provided numerous backdrops.

The change would affect FMUOD 3, located west of Route 1 on Everett Street and glacier Avenue.

The most recent Ice Age had then occurred, as glaciers covered huge parts of the planet Earth.

482401 Mertz glacier currently advances at less than a mile (about 1.1 kilometers) every year.

But this is the first time participants can see the Crater glacier up close on a single-day hike.

On Jan. 23, 2016, she’ll be in Union glacier, Antarctica, to run the first of seven full marathons.

As the warming atmosphere causes the glaciers to melt, that pressure eases and the ground rises up.

Next: Fri. at Sumner at Sunset Chev Stadium, 7 p.m. 6. glacier Peak (9-1) Beat Seattle Prep, 55-28.

“Going in to the face of glaciers and crawling around the tunnels, seeing all the beautiful colours.

The steep sides of Mount Baker host the largest contiguous section of glaciers in the North Cascades.

He has also traveled by foot and boat to see glaciers that are quickly receding due to climate change.

Eyes need to adjust from the shocking bright white surface of the glacier to the dim LED-lit interior.

There have been several instances of bodies turning up in glaciers decades after a person disappeared.

glacier House is considered “the first center of alpinism ” in North America by American Alpine Club historian William Lowell Putnam.

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