enhanced in a sentence

She s going to need it given Paracelsus absurdly enhanced control.

The clothes she wore enhanced her beauty.

Your old photographs can be enhanced on the computer to look better than ever.

The beautiful sets in the play were enhanced by the incredible costumes the actors were wearing.

The recent publication of his newest book has certainly enhanced his reputation in the university.

The natural beauty of the English countryside is enhanced by its tiny villages, mighty castles and grand estates.

There is a Japanese proverb which observes that when ten thousand soldiers lie rotting, the general’s reputation is enhanced.

Jane Austen once wrote that surprises are foolish things.

The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.

consist enhanced audits are performed where anomalies are detected or suspected.

Improvements include enhanced testing and training, among other measures.

The province says new signs will be installed and trails will be enhanced.

He says the tournament has also enhanced Moncton’s international reputation.

The entire tenor of the first nine weeks has been enhanced by the cool classrooMs. Secretary of State John Kerry asked for enhanced war powers at this “pivotal hour.”

However, when DeHaas inspected them, she said, “These are clarity enhanced diamonds.

Police said they cordoned off Zia’s Dhaka office as part of enhanced security steps.

629917 Social factors enhanced happiness when they were rooted and readily available.

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