disparity disparities in a sentence

How can we face this disparity and say that race is not playing a role?

As Stephen Calabria writes, experts see numerous reasons for the disparity.

In some cities, she said that disparity can jump to as high as 111 percent.

779761 There is a disparity – not only ethnically, but also the social classes.”””

It is into that disparity of concern that Spike Lee drops his new movie, “Chi-Raq.”

The disparity between rich and poor in America is a hallmark of Sanders’ talking points.

Statistics showing a racial disparity, in other words, may not be enough to show liability.

310884 However, this disparity is hardly just an innocuous result of a more heterogeneous society.

disparities like that help explain why so many pensions are in peril.

The U.S. National Cancer Institute has more on cancer health disparities.

Racial-ethnic targeted food marketing likely contributes to health disparities.

“My guess is that anybody doing this work knows where the disparities are,” she said.

The EPI also looked at the cost of living for single adults and found similar disparities.

Even wider racial disparities were found in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown killings.

These disparities aren’t explained by genetic, or social variation between the genders and races.

Racial disparities, state sanctioned violence, and economic disenfranchisement is still prevalent.

Or, do we try to find ways to reduce the racial disparities that plague our criminal justice system?

Such technologies could amplify existing disparities in law-enforcement practices across communities.

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