considerably in a sentence

The abscess exit had grown down considerably in 6 weeks.

Her health seems to have improved considerably of late.

The scarcity of bread has made the cost go up considerably.

Manufactured imports into Japan have increased considerably.

Our price is considerably higher than the current market price.

Japan’s import of manufactured goods has increased considerably.

Rising profits have bolstered investors’ confidence considerably.

The bypass around Nanaimo has shortened the trip north considerably.

The freight charges for the goods will add considerably to our costs.

Jamaica’s budget deficit has been considerably reduced in recent years.

Stocks were down considerably yesterday, but have rallied somewhat today.

Filtration of the village’s drinking water has reduced disease considerably.

Because of inflation, prices have gone up considerably for almost everything.

You could enhance the value of your house considerably by having it repainted.

Treatments for cancer can vary considerably, depending on the type of disease.

A perfect emerald is worth considerably more money than a diamond of equal size.

His excellent mark on his history exam should bolster his confidence considerably.

Your job prospects will improve considerably if you can upgrade your computer skills.

Nervousness about Y2K computer problems grew considerably in the latter half of 1999.

There has been a steep increase in our costs, so our profits have gone down considerably.

He is considerably older than his wife, and will likely die while she is still quite young.

We had our house reassessed after the renovations, and the value had increased considerably.

Crime in this area has decreased considerably since the police increased their foot patrols.

We’re thinking of buying a house now that prices have come down considerably in the last year.

Previous notions regarding the nature of intelligence have changed considerably over the years.

The recent attacks on the country by terrorists has increased patriotic sentiments considerably.

Your chances of finding a job will improve considerably if you can improve your computer skills.

In my analysis I rely considerably on the types of authoritarian behaviour first analyzed by Kurz.

The alterations to the motor suggested by the engineer have reduced fuel consumption considerably.

The team began to relax considerably in the latter stages of the game after building up a 4-0 lead.

The government has announced plans to build a tolled motorway which will shorten the trip north considerably.

She’s a popular spokeswoman for the party and has been able to able to raise their profile in the press considerably.

Family dynamics in my culture have changed considerably over the last generation as women have begun to enter the workforce.

We’re planning on renegotiating the mortgage on our house now that interest rates have come down considerably in the last year.

The miraculous economic growth experienced in the Asian countries over the past 2 decades has slowed considerably in the last couple of years.

The numbers of deer in this area have increased considerably because too many wolves, their only natural predator, have been killed by local farmers.

The new system could help Instagram generate considerably more revenue.

55712 And these polls tend to show considerably lower numbers for Trump.

With each passing quarter, Netflix’s subscriber base expands considerably.

An episode that was considerably funnier than the show’s two-hour premiere.

The black market price for rhino horn is now considerably higher than cocaine.

The impact of doing it now is considerably less than doing it later, said Burke.

His latest take, however, is considerably more reserved than his initial response.

EDF is considerably larger than Areva, and has an annual turnover of 70 billion euros.

83018 As the new plans come into play that number will drop considerably to 115 patients.

The current official unemployment rate is 5.4 percent, but it varies considerably by race.

But 104-Test veteran Carter was considerably more circumspect when he rated the performance.

Property crimes in 2014, too, were considerably lower when compared to the five-year average.

792095 The same can be said of Owen Hargreaves, though over a considerably shorter time period.

People also drive considerably less during the winter months, which cuts back on demand as well.

And the key things for these guys is that it pays considerably better than the Gulf Coast League.”

The number of ceasefire violations by the enemy has fallen considerably, he told a news conference.

The likelihood that a home will be abandoned goes up considerably when that home is in foreclosure.

Talk of default and departure from the euro has certainly risen considerably over the past few weeks.

German mustard is usually considerably less acidic than American varieties.

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