commuter in a sentence

Nowadays, commuters take traffic jams for granted.

commuters were deprived of their transport by the strike.

The train was only stationary long enough for a few commuters to hop on.

The proposed hike in transit fares has made commuters in the city very angry.

It’s a classic commuter town, even during the day there are few people around.

More commuters would be attracted to cycling if there were enough bicycle routes.

When you get into a commuter train, you see the briefcases neatly stacked on the racks.

There is little provision for bicycle commuters on the majority of the main roads in this city.

Seating on the world’s first scheduled commuter airplane flight consisted of moveable wicker chairs.

Two commuter trains crashed this morning in London, killing ten people and injuring scores of others.

E.B.White once wrote that a commuter is one who spends his life in riding to and from his wife.

Any new large commercial buildings that are built here have to include showers and lock-up space for bicycle commuters.

If the bus company lowered fares and improved service, I think the number of commuters riding the buses would increase significantly.

According to a recently passed municipal bylaw, any new large commercial buildings that are built here have to include showers and lock-up space for bicycle commuters.

Almost every weekday morning, free tissues are distributed to Japanese commuters by workers of the companies whose messages and advertisements are printed on the package.

In 1993, 350 houses were destroyed, thousands of people displaced, and part of London’s last ancient woodlands cut down, all of which devastated the local community, to build a six-lane highway which saves commuters six minutes of travelling time.

Will commuters use them, as California lawmakers envisioned they would?

Throughout the city, water camps have opened up to help commuters stay cool.

The commuter train and subway lines to and from the airport were also halted.

commuters in Chicago and San Francisco pay $11 a day, according to the survey.

169870 Confused commuters should look for Metrolinx staff members wearing vests.

For most commuters, Patrick Croasdaile with Western Bikeworks suggests this gear.

Winds and blowing dust could be a concern for commuters on their way home, though.

In that incident, in January 2013, two commuter trains collided, injuring 27 people.

In the meantime, water camps are open and commuters are doing their best to survive.

It’s New York City, it’s not the South,” said one commuter, who gave the name Barbara.

FEB. 16, 1996 – An Amtrak train and a commuter train collide in Silver Spring, Maryland.

” The situation Fay is trying to avoid is forcing commuters to constantly change speeds.

commuters in Belltown report seeing a Black Labrador riding the bus alone in recent weeks.

IPolice officers search bus commuters on their way to the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

They had almost 40 thousand less commuters, but that only accounts for half a percent drop.

All told, Richmond’s commuters lose just 38 hours a year on average to rush-hour congestion.

A few commuters made it to Glasgow Central station in the hope of reaching their destination.

Another film shows terrified commuters, some with children, running away through the station.

Earlier delays of more than an hour were reported by commuters throughout the SkyTrain system.

Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle A commuter avoids a series of deep potholes on Potter Street..

And if our own Moclips Highway needs major repairs we will have significant commuter problems.”

Yet days later, he stabbed a 19-year-old man in the leg on board a commuter train in Copenhagen.

Christopher Chan with Edmonton bike commuters association said he’s disappointed with the decision.

commuter chaos at Boston’s Logan Airport as DC-area flights are delayed following radar outage pic.

Spencer said commuters have found their way around construction but traffic delays are unavoidable.

Fly Niki has said the flights are appropriate for commuters catching a connecting flight in Vienna.

By evening rush hour, the train station was unusually quiet as most commuters found other ways home.

commuter service to and from downtown Seattle and the University District will be reduced on Monday.

A morning commuter carries an umbrella as she passes by the New York Stock Exchange during a winter …

They are very receptive and understanding of the need for people to park as this is a commuter campus.

Today it is an affluent commuter town.

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