colorful colorfully in a sentence

Fall is here and colorful autumn leaves are abundant .

He is dressed colorfully, a green jacket and a red, frilly shirt with diamond studs.<

The male peacock has colorful tail feathers.

The painting features bold, colorful strokes.

Each chocolate is individually wrapped in a colorful foil package.

I love looking at everyone’s colorful kimonos on Coming of Age Day.

The most colorful sunsets appear when there is lots of dust in the sky.

My grandfather likes looking at colorful carp in the pond on a fine day.

Women in Eritrea generally clothe themselves in colorful long, flowing dresses.

My neighbors have set up a little cottage industry making colorful sweaters for small dogs.

When my kids were small, they liked to collect colorful stickers that they kept in an album.

Wedding ceremonies are among the most elaborate and colorful occasions in Indonesian culture.

The shore was dotted with colorful fishermen’s cottages, and the harbor was full of their boats.

The portraits of Hans Holbein show a taste for elaborately detailed surface textures and richly colorful patterns.

When my kids were small, they liked to collect colorful stickers that they kept in an album and traded with friends.

To add sparkle to the dull brown color of their homes, the Hausa people of Niger often paint colorful designs on the exterior walls.

colorful paper and tape create eyes, hair styles and costume details.

Bartsch presents a colorful map of Iraq during this interview in Berlin.

colorful boats float along a lake at the Summer Palace in Beijing, China.

Meanwhile, colorful or elaborate weaves are called “ghetto” and “ratchet.”

But “reality” hardly describes the wildly colorful images Samaniego creates.

745512 The marchers at the pride parade were as varied as they were colorful.

632516 So it was nice to see a pacifist, colorful demonstration for a change.”

The colorful Regata Storica takes over Venice’s Grand Canal in September 2013.

It is always interesting, colorful, and amazing at the talent of our children.

You can set a colorful backdrop before kicking off a house party, for instance.

The mix of water, sky and land offers plenty of colorful picture opportunities.

Ho herself was there and showed me her colorful, dreamy chiffon and satin scarves.

For me, it’s a reflection of the diversity and colorfulness of the city of Lagos.”

I discovered vibrant, colorful glitch-art I couldn’t see through my inky-black rage.

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