beverage in a sentence

Sixty percent of Japanese adult males drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis.

In Samoa, it is customary to spill a few drops before drinking kava, the national beverage.

Coca-Cola has a secret formula for its beverage that is only known to a small group of people.

Those doing strenuous exercise should avoid beverages with caffeine and alcohol, both of which can cause dehydration.

Soy milk, the liquid left after beans have been crushed in hot water and strained, is a favorite beverage in the Far East.

The frozen beverage looks like a Slurpee and goes down just as easily.

Previously, he retired from the Alabama Alcohol beverage Control Board.

The AI for women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day.”

The Alcoholic beverage Control board still has to give its final sign-off.

The 24-hour Pavilion Pantry Market carries snacks, beverages, and sundries.

Neither beverageGrades nor its CEO, Kevin Hicks, is a party to the lawsuit.

1. Reduce your caffeine intake slowly. 2. Up your intake of other beverages.

The full-time adult award rate for a food and beverage attendant is A$17.35.

No decision has been made, the Japanese beverage company said in a statement.

Nor did the American beverage Association, which represents soft drink makers.

Race around the rink or grab a hot beverage and walk among the many sculptures.

A woman walks with a bag of fast food beverage containers in New York May 31, 2012.

They even have posted a couple of cute videos (see below) to promote the beverages.

It’s a multi-occasion type of beverage, DavidsTea CEO Sylvain Toutant told CNNMoney.

The traditional beverage to drink with a steamed hairy crab is warm yellow rice wine.

The business of carbonated beverages is not one of Wall Street’s favorites this year.

Guests may purchase snacks, beverages, and convenience items at the hotel’s Suite Shop.

Rising tea sales drive profits for beverage chains Why is matcha suddenly in everything?

The brand benefited from stronger sales of cups, cones, desserts, beverages and sundaes.

That would be the equivalent of most baristas in this country serving the wrong beverage.

“Food and beverage establishments are a key component of revitalization efforts,” she said.

830230 They have even brought along their own beverages, probably afraid of being poisoned.

The do-it-yourself carbonated beverage craze is starting to look like a fad that has peaked.

The Department of Alcoholic beverage Control declined to comment on pending litigation Tuesday.

Some airline loyalty programs offer a complimentary alcoholic beverage to members, even in coach.

174692 Core revenue for Americas beverages advanced 3% year over year, boosted by higher pricing.

Five years later he sold Al Ahram beverages to Heineken Brewing, making way for his true passion.

“I see more more and more theaters doing something similar to Alamo with having food and beverage.

613394 She had a strong odor of an alcohol beverage on her breath, the officer wrote in the report.

Businesses and donors from the area provide music, hamburgers, hot dogs, beverages and side dishes.

“There is no policy difference in serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic canned beverages to passengers.

Red River College has among the first HFC-free refrigerant beverage vending machines actively in use.

For FY 2015, Monster beverage is expected to see 16.4% annual sales growth and 18.4% earnings growth.

Sweetened beverages comprised non-diet sodas, non-carbonated fruit-based drinks and sweetened ice tea.

Several beverages are made from the sugar-rich juices of mature agaves .

Its products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products.

Fans of the beverage have no idea they are consuming a powerful cleaning agent .

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