agitation in a sentence

The Lord Keeper was dispatched to the Parliament House with message after message, all of which, though couched in varying tones of entreaty, self-abasement , or command, equally displayed the agitation of the King’s mind.

He sat down to recover from his agitation.

Fred’s agitation has now subsided, and he’s sleeping peacefully.

Cognitive impairments and ” agitation ” often worsen.

The agitation became violent and many lives were lost.

Some dispense systems deliberately maximise this agitation .

The surface of the water has major agitation .

The symptoms of agitation are the main issue.

Mechanical agitation of any surface is almost always necessary.

There was also some cautious civilian clandestine agitation .

There are reports that policemen are contemplating joining the agitation .

This was the result of political agitation .

Mechanical agitation is another possibility for disrupting the oxide layer.

For several years there has been agitation for full statehood.

The 1910s was a period of great political agitation .

Aero contractor is currently grounded because of workers agitation .

The sheriff has said he was in great agitation .

I saw some tears, much agitation .

As a protest against atrocities, statewide agitation began.

This gave fresh impetus to popular agitation against India.

This agitation was to save 4,500 hectares.

Q. When is a hydraulic agitation system inadequate?

The business world was in a state of constant agitation .

The agitation it produces must be submitted to.

By agitation the rate of uptake of soluble residues is increased.

The gospel produced a great agitation at Cambridge.

Her internal agitation was greater than the poised picture she presented.

Great was the agitation both in city and court.

This will reduce the feeling of continuous agitation .

His lectures became events of agitation , and angered conservative circles.

She took a deep breath as her agitation mounted.

This message caused the greatest agitation in DC.

The magnitude of the agitation of product.

This discrepancy is associated with agitation from fear and threat.

The Government was bent on suppressing the mass agitation .

The police response to the agitation grew progressively brutal in 1939.

This then causes agitation and distress and secondary delusions.

The League immediately organised a fresh storm of agitation .

This further fueled the agitation in Jammu.

This agitation culminated in the 6 February 1934 crisis.

Still, the labour agitation achieved a great deal.

Complaints and agitation called for more meaningful Chinese educational development.

The agitation can cause a large amount of muscle breakdown.

For several years there has been agitation for full statehood.

This increased agitation for greater autonomy in East Pakistan.

This is source of current agitation for immediate restoration by the government.

The film portrayed the Telangana history and the agitation for statehood.

There was considerable public agitation for further expansion of the electorate, however.

agitation for representative government began soon after the settlement of the colonies.

agitation for more adequate representation continued.

agitation for representative government quickly emerged.

Individual Congressmen launched agitations for the abolition of “zamindaris”.

In 1815 Owen, apparently single-handedly, started an agitation for factory reform.

The first agitation for legislation of this character occurred in England in 1880.

One focus within the countryside lobby was the agitation for a green belt around London.

The family into which she was born had been steeped in political agitation for generations.

Iyengar led agitations for the bill.

Next spring, Anne, we must start an agitation for nice lawns and grounds.

The people of SW including Lagos are in support of the agitation for resource control.

Part of the agitation for reform of local government concerned ways of improving this research function.

Hitler’s assault in the summer of 1940 put paid to the agitation for peace negotiations.

Hyderabad: The agitation for separate statehood by pro-Telangana groups is set to intensify in Hyderabad.

Felix Holt, the Radical (1866) is inspired by the agitation for political reform.

Collins’ lifetime exactly coincided with a period of aggressive, mass agitation for women’s rights.

He further argued that the partisanship of the police force would ultimately strengthen agitation for state police .

The Akalis therefore started their agitation for the release of Sardar Sewa Singh Thikriwala.

It was a system that could not endure, and agitations for greater democracy grew steadily louder.

At last a genuinely transnational agitation for a people’s peace appeared to be on the agenda.

In September 1906, Morley wrote favourably for staunch resistance to the railway workers agitation for higher wages.

However, from the 1880s there had been long standing nationalist agitation for autonomy or Home Rule.

In Britain, their insignificance was overcome by the long agitation for affiliation to the Labour Party.

In an age of widespread agitation for social reform, the new concept only emphasised the social divisions.

agitation for improved safety conditions can be helpful, just as it was in 19th-century Europe.

agitation for change continued at the municipal level as being most directly affected by the presence of prostitution.

In August 1941, Periyar declared that the agitation for “Dravida Nadu” was being temporarily stopped.

Even though the agitation for “Dravida Nadu” was being stopped, the demand was very much intact.

The party’s agitation for industrial unionism did have appeal to others in the radical political sphere, however.

agitation for a bridge was renewed with the election of a Labor government at the 1910 State election.

agitation for self-determination led to first Lithuania, and then Estonia, Latvia and Armenia declaring independence.

The state prison, built at Charlestown in 1805, had long been a subject of agitation for reform.

O’Brien next intensified the UIL agitation for land purchase by tenant farmers, pressurising for compulsory purchase.

After completing his university education, James returned to Kenya when the country was awash with agitation for independence.

agitation for a separate state continued through the 1980s, included violent protests during the 1986-88 period.

This gave fresh impetus to popular agitation against India.

Other senators expressed similar mystification at the agitation against the bill.

After Smith’s assassination, the agitation against Mormons continued.

Their agitation against Ahmadis resulted in widespread anti-Ahmadiyya sentiment throughout Pakistan.

The agitation against Muslims and the British was led by Burmese newspapers.

Unrest gripped the country and a powerful agitation against the Act started.

It was that date in 1946 where he launched an agitation against colonial rule.

Cobden campaigned for free trade in his agitation against the Corn Laws.

Petitioning remained a weapon of agitation against the apprenticeship system up to 1838.

At the same time, agitation against colonial rule was becoming persistent in Africa.

In 1909, Murphy published a column deploring the ongoing agitation against college football.

The Hindu Mahasabha did not actively support agitations against British rule in India.

Meanwhile, events had moved from local agitations against the British crown to outright war.

Karunanidhi announced an agitation against the opening of Navodaya Schools in Tamil Nadu.

No , it is not for any agitation against economic liberalisation or harassment against women.

Thevar was eventually drawn to the Congress and participated in agitations against the British rule.

The PNA rejected the election results as rigged and launched a Nationwide agitation against the results.

Chamberlain hoped to harness the public agitation against Turkey’s Bulgarian atrocities for a Radical agenda.

The Carbonari secretly continued their agitation against Austria and the governments in friendly connection with it.

And they are using the level of Islam to do strongly agitation against better Muslim ruler “.

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