accentuate in a sentence

The military men’s social life is less accentuated .

A “pleading” expression accentuates the face.

Every curve is accentuated and every line exaggerated.

A smart ad agency accentuates the positive.

This helps conserve precious oxygen stores and accentuate the dive response.

The impressive width is accentuated further when the top is down .

The religious issue both accentuated and masked these secular conflicts.

The three central vaults in the east were especially accentuated .

His hard face and cold eyes had accentuated her fear.

It accentuates the hop flavors and is extremely versatile.

A counter leaflet was spread to accentuate the difference.

The effect is accentuated by the early morning mist.

Religious differences were accentuated by a growing economic discrepancy.

The shadows here accentuate faces, features and textures.

Avoid small , square shapes that accentuate facial length.

He accentuated gay rights in an inaugural speech.

Everyone is trying to accentuate their best features.

The hostility has accentuated as hostilities have progressed.

The material may accentuate any pre-existing skin condition.

This experience accentuated his humble, modest character.

accentuates were made on the video set.

Disorder was accentuated by the terrible conditions.

Wear flowers that accentuate your best features.

The little pause after he says those words accentuate the effect.

Data limitations serve to accentuate this gap between theory and practice.

These elements were accentuated even more in the 1999 movie adaptation.

Neon lights, reflections, and dark areas were consistently accentuated .

Increasingly widespread use probably accentuated a chronic shortage of coin.

The suit can greatly accentuate the sensations from sexual stimulation.

At night, lighting accentuates different aspects of the form.

Many pieces are gilded in parts to accentuate the decoration.

The performer dresses to accentuate the gender they are portraying.

Establishing diplomatic relations with other nations further accentuated this activity.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the problem is accentuated .

The camera movement accentuates the 3D nature of everything.

The device accentuated the effortless flow between natural conditions and artificial structures.

High contrast interior colors emphasize design lines and accentuate the elegant cabin .

Forward sweeping style, closely cropped around the ears accentuates pretty features.

Additional exposure to weathering accentuated all these features.

Her striped dress accentuates her slimness.

We also love how the black band around her waist accentuates her curves.

If anything, it may well accentuate the divisions in the country, as democracy often does.

The Oriental decorations of their room are accentuated by the highlights from the candles.

Katie’s critique: “The chunks of color really accentuate the leading lines in this photograph.

830625 They have this aged look, this worn look, and black and white accentuates that a little more.”

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