academically in a sentence

I was a “bad” high school student academically myself.

The interplay between bluegrass and folk forms has been academically studied.

I was pretty academically inclined and smart overall .

The typical student is academically challenged while being starved for motivation.

Candidates are chosen from academically talented applicants.

Were you very motivated academically at school?

They are much more academically advanced then our friends kids.

He was well behaved and excelled academically .

Please make sure she stays academically focused.

Students learn better in an academically equal group.

He was among the best students academically in college.

He was a popular and academically gifted student.

Emphasis was placed on academically successful versus at risk students.

Afternoon classes also started for academically weak pupils.

They are academically trained in respiratory nursing and respiratory medicine.

They are thus meant for the more academically minded students.

Teaching about religion fairly and academically is challenging.

He was academically gifted, especially in mathematics.

Keep the kids busy, academically engaged.

The school had high standards and Jardine was moderately successful academically .

Mr Redwood is 41 and academically impeccable.

Some students need extra support academically , socially or emotionally.

No. Less academically mature during those eight years, yes.

We complete academically ( increasingly poorly).

Today’s teenagers are being academically stuffed while being motivationally starved.

These are 2 academically and athletically talented young men.

This course will help you develop both academically and professionally.

All students must ensure that they are academically eligible to participate.

So academically women are just as capable as men.

He was involved in sports but continued to decline academically .

What supports are given to these students academically and socially?

Or you were, were you more academically focused?

A researcher has to be academically independent and sound.

She is very intelligent and she does well academically .

Opportunities for the academically talented were also improved.

Nikita Wilson was academically ineligible after the fall semester.

This honor society is an organization of academically qualified English students.

In short, the hypothesis is far from being academically resolved.

He believes it might hurt his son academically down the road.

As expected, this began to attract more academically gifted students.

The academically talented students helped others in the classroom.

Studies reveal that physically attractive people are often viewed as healthier, and more inclined to succeed academically.

805366 The study discovered that excelling academically is considered “acting white.”

Those who attend school while menstruating still miss out, both socially and academically.

If the kids are here, not only are they engaged academically, they are going to show growth.

He was a brilliant kid, academically, doing very well in engineering at the school this year.

“I’d tell him to prepare himself; academically, if academics are the right direction for him.

A transfer student from Georgia State University, I had had several close calls academically.

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