abominable in a sentence

The revolt was suppressed with abominable cruelty.

The abominable thing took a tremendous leap.

The stones became abominable in a later historical context.

He has total freedom to execute his abominable scam .

Some were related to animals, were abominable beings.

That is an incorrect and downright abominable idea.

Sin is the abominable thing God hates.

Two new shows with lead gay characters and both are abominable .

We are certainly NOT left in doubt concerning its abominable teachings.

It is an abominable twisting of scripture to justify sin!

It’s abominable that children are taught to break away.

How much more abominable than a tax on widows?

This is an abominable record, which must change.

Let them name themselves with their abominable slander.

Yes a truly abominable mistake , my apologies.

All genocides are equally abominable and similarly deserving of official commemoration.

That would still make it abominable enough.

Their history and no longer secret doings are equally abominable .

What you’re doing is abominable to our great country.

They were of abominable quality and obviously not genuine Champagne.

Hence despair must be the most abominable and horrible sin.

And it is so abominable to me.

But the Israelites failed, and learned the abominable practices.

Every sedition and every schism was abominable to you.

Sometimes there are 2 wonderful parents and their kid comes out abominable .

UE3 is still abominable at that.

Educationally and morally they are no less abominable than improper violence.

Although this is positive, the services are taking place under abominable conditions.

We must roll back the abominable decision of the Supreme Court.

Homosexuality is an abominable sin according to the Bible!

That’s the abominable thing about heresies.

His abominable laughter and maniacal declarations contrast his self-professed softer side.

It’s almost as abominable as a Double Down.

The code was an abominable hack, it should never come back.

The ride included an appearance by the ” abominable Snowman”.

Customer Support At MagicJack is thoroughly abominable .

How could they rush headlong into the most abominable idolatry imaginable?

Because my throat will meditate truth; lying lips are abominable before me.

And so ostensibly are the greatest cardinal number and the abominable snowman.

abominable are the tumblers into which he pours his poison.

The abominable snowman is a Himalayan monster.

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