youngster in a sentence

When a school of baby catfish are threatened, their father opens his huge mouth, and the youngsters swim inside to hide.

He is the ideal player to bring in and help our talented youngsters.”

And youngsters Ronalds Kenins and Bo Horvat combined on a beautiful goal.

youngsters Callum Emptage, Josh Hare and Michael Freiter were also involved.

Lucy is one of 40 youngsters staging Dirty Stop Outs in Halifax this weekend.

The Safari Park is now home to 18 elephants (eight adults and 10 youngsters).

But then things came to an abrupt halt when the youngster fell ill last month.

340563 I’m 75. I think it’s time to move out and give the youngsters a chance.”

“At least there is now someone with whom the youngsters back home can identify.

The youngsters’ median age was 8 years, meaning half were older, half were younger.

Superintendent Joan Carr spent the morning reading the youngster‘s school journals.

933952 When you look at those youngsters, I think there’s a new DNA coming through.”

A lot of the time you need the excitement of the youngsters to come through,” he said.

It would have to take a fair bit of strength, I don’t think it was youngsters or anything.”

youngsters dressed as witches at the spooky-themed Katie Jane Dance Academy Christmas show.

But the youngster regained her composure to break Halep’s serve to force another tiebreaker.

Concerns about youngsters being at risk or radicalisation have been growing in recent months.

The youngster lives on the Island but had been playing for Thanet, where his dad now coaches.

One concern: the number of youngsters who feel comfortable multi-tasking while doing homework.

Start with an eager but thwarted youngster, toiling away in the sands of an unregarded planet?

He told the crowd at Credit Union Place that as a youngster he was “a classic left wing punk.”

The Gills boss also previously stated his desire to capture the youngster on a permanent deal.

Once he’s gotten over the miracle of takeoff, your youngster is going to need to be entertained.

Health officials and police said all the victims, mostly youngsters, were crushed in a stampede.

But I have had some outstanding disco naps while pretending to read “Hop on Pop” to a youngster.

He said they finally made a seat with the rope, the youngster climbed in and was pulled to safety.

Read More Sarpong was born in London and as a youngster moved to the United States with his father.

The youngster brought some light into grandma Dot’s life – until Nick intervened and ruined things..

After reports youngsters were throwing stones at it, the team attempted to catch it, but had no luck.

292162 He was a vibrant youngster who might play a trick on you if someone wasn’t aware of his nature.

Your ” technically adept youngsters” is another problem altogether.

Not under age youngsters I was pleased to see.

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