wed in a sentence

wed meaning:

n.) To take for husband or for wife by a formal ceremony; to marry; to espouse.

wed sentence:

Sally will wed Tom in the spring.

A spouse is a legally wedded husband or wife.

They remained wedded until her death in October 1963.

The wedded couple lived in London.

I looked my slimmest ever on my wedding day.

Your wedding ring can be engraved with a personal inscription.

She produces elegant wedding gowns.

Claire weds a new husband in the Güllen cathedral.

The newly weds visit the bride’s parents on the day after the wedding.

He grows up as a merchant of his own, and weds a village daughter.

I suppose I shall have to include my insufferable relatives in the wedding party.

Blessing a new love, similar to a permanent! Congratulations on your wedding day!

As the wedding day neared, I started to have second thoughts about getting married.

Years ago in Los Angeles, she mailed out wedding announcements to herald its purchase.

She accepted the invitation to the wedding ,but was later forced to disengage herself.

A few weeks ago, on their fifth wedding anniversary, he had given her a sewing machine.

The actual marriage ceremony is quite different from the American wedding ceremonies, too.

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