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1- The world has a finite number of tyrannosaurs rexes .

2- As stated above, Quintaglios are tyrannosaurs .

3- tyrannosaurs have very stubby forelimbs, with only two visible fingers.

4- They have been reported from ceratopsians, hadrosaurs and other tyrannosaurs .

5- In his opinion, the brain of tyrannosaurs were large enough for communal hunting.

6- tyrannosaurs had large olfactory bulbs and olfactory nerves (relative to their brain size).

7- Quintaglios resemble miniature tyrannosaurs , and share many features in common with their ancestors.

8- Within the last six months or so there was a lead aricle about tyrannosaurs .

9- The infections from both tyrannosaurs were received by being bitten during a fight, like the “Herrerasaurus” specimen.

10- Research on some of the tissues involved has suggested that birds are closer relatives to tyrannosaurs than other modern animals.

11- Since the first, two more tyrannosaurs and a hadrosaur have also been found to have such tissue-like structures.

12- From tyrannosaurs to plesiosaurs.

13- Seawater covered eastern New Mexico during the Cretaceous, while on land dinosaurs, including tyrannosaurs , maintained their dominance.

14- However, due the 65 million years they’ve had to evolve, Quintaglios vary from tyrannosaurs in several significant ways.

15- Some researchers contend this shift happened gradually in a group of dinosaurs known as coelurosaurs , which included tyrannosaurs and raptors.

16- The sense of smell in tyrannosaurs may have been comparable to modern vultures, which use scent to track carcasses for scavenging.

17- The grateful father, named Stinktooth, protects Arthur and his companions from the tyrannosaurs and allows them passage into the ruins.

18- Let me bring you up to speed: Last month, Heritage Auctions tried to auction off a rare tyrannosaurs bataar skeleton.

19- In the trilogy, the tyrannosaurs are sentient; two of them are the other-worldly equivalents of Galileo Galilei and Charles Darwin.

20- tyrannosaurs appear in the 1992-1994 Quintaglio Ascension Trilogy and the 1994 novel “End of an Era” by Robert J. Sawyer.

21- But unlike, say, tyrannosaurs and velociraptors, marsupial lion species (the biggest of which was Thylacoleo carnifex) also possessed enormous, highly muscled forelimbs.

22- Gregory S. Paul has suggested that “Tyrannosaurus” was a high risk predator that also attacked massive and dangerous prey; citing this as a reason tyrannosaurs died young.

23- They propose that the powerful bite forces of adults may have allowed them to act as large prey specialists and thereby alleviate competition with younger tyrannosaurs .

24- Though adult tyrannosaurs are often depicted in art and other media as frequently attacking other giant dinosaurs, research suggests this type of behavior would have been rare.

25- Because vultures are primarily scavengers, it has been suggested that such a highly developed sense of smell may imply that tyrannosaurs were as well.

26- While they were playing, Heart and Light felt from a cliff and a swamp, there they meet a sloth mother singing a song about tyrannosaurs and describing their appearances.

27- In Dinosaur Provincial Park, 29% of collected tyrannosaur teeth were broken and worn after the break, although the abundance of such teeth in the park may be higher than it would have been among living tyrannosaurs .

28- The Jijaki wished to use Troodon as the base, but The Watcher saw more potential in the tyrannosaurs due to their long and successful history as a group.

29- The books depict an Earth-like world on a moon which orbits a gas giant, inhabited by a species of highly evolved, sentient tyrannosaurs , among various other creatures from the late Cretaceous period, imported to this moon by aliens 65 million years prior to the story.

30- Chomper from “The Land Before Time (series)”, as well as Red Claw from the TV series, and “Sharptooth” from the original film are all tyrannosaurs .

31- A 2010 review of the literature concluded that tyrannosaurs were “small- to mid-sized” for their first 80 million years but were “some of the largest terrestrial carnivores to ever live” in their last 20 million years.

32- A popular pastime among the ultra-rich youth of Mars is hunting – but instead of animals, they hunt people, while riding on the backs of genetically recreated tyrannosaurs .

33- They join the sauropod convoy, but are attacked by a pack of tyrannosaurs and Allosaurus, during which Crabb escapes in his strutter and the head of the ceratopsian strutter is ripped off.

34- Young tyrannosaurs may have filled the niches in between adult tyrannosaurs and smaller theropods, which were separated by two orders of magnitude in mass.

35- Young tyrannosaurs may have filled the niches in between adult tyrannosaurs and smaller theropods, which were separated by two orders of magnitude in mass.

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