turn tail in a sentence

How to use the word turn tail in a sentence

All the other animals turned tail at once.

But do these superheroes turn tail and leave?

Perhaps Saddam will yet turn tail and run.

Folly turned tail and almost ran away.

You can embellish with many Nike turning tail shoes.

Or maybe not … I might have turned tail and bolted.

The clerk began yelling at our bozo who turned tail and fled.

Jean Franko turns tail for Harley Everett.

They skewered it, they turned tail on it.

So OR turned tail and left.

Her heart flew to her mouth as she yelped and turned tail .

The youths, startled by his unexpected appearance, turned tail and ran.

The statesmen turned tail and rushed towards the Prince at breakneck speed.

Eventually this great shambling hulk of a beast turned tailed and fled.

He has turned tail every other time American soil has been attacked on his watch .

Deputies say the device driver led off turning tail on human foot, with each early.

The second in line suffered a similar fate, while the remainder turned tail and fled.

The two form a truce, and manage to turn tails back to normal.

They turned tail and fled in panic when told that 6 th Fleet aircraft had been launched.

I was so shocked I just turned tail and ran home as fast as I could.

His flotilla was taken wholly by surprise when fired upon by the British warships and turned tail .

It’s where most people’s spirituality (Christian or otherwise) turns tail and runs.

But the panic soon subsided, helped by the news that the Scots had already turned tail .

If one animal suddenly turns tail , it is liable to be attacked and might get injured.

If they turn tail and hope the referees make calls , they will be in trouble.

When the Saudis appeared the Iraqi MiGs turned tail , but the Mirages pressed on.

When she meets Dane Martin, every fiber of her being warns her to turn tail and run.

At Houston’s Northline Mall, police told up to be cut up and turning tail apace.

Solita turned tail and darted behind a dumpster just as the door opened and Fett came out.

The Vasin then turn tail and retreat through a narrow jungle track and are pursued by the Boman.

Tailwind is a well-known name for the sports world-wide understanding to be cut up and turning tail rapidly.

When a black bear sees a grizzly coming, it either turns tail and runs or climbs a tree.

The Japanese attempt to reinforce their bases in the Aleutians had failed and they turned tail and headed home.

A few stay in their new surroundings for a short time, then turn tail and head back home.

The Italian bombers flew straight for the battleship Jaime Primero and its escorts and forced them to turn tail .

I know you want me to turn tail and run from you but I’m not going to.

The bloodless fight lasted only a few violent seconds before the bear on the right turned tail and ran downstream .

As Lorene Harvey walked across the campus of Woodston College, she was tempted to turn tail and run.

If any one turns upon him (which few people like to do), he immediately turns tail .

When the last of our ten little packages was out of the ship we turned tail and ran for home.

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