turn in a sentence

turn meaning:

v. t.) To cause to move upon a center,

v. t.) to make the upper side the lower, or the inside to be the outside of; to reverse the position of;

v. t.) To give another direction, tendency, or inclination to; to direct otherwise; to deflect;

v. t.) To change the form, quality, aspect, or effect of; to alter; to metamorphose; to convert; to transform;

v. i.) To result or terminate; to come about; to eventuate;

n.) Change of direction, course, or tendency; different order, position, or aspect of affairs;

n.) an opportunity for an action to be performed in a certain order.

n.) an angle, bend, or curve.

turn sentence:

Turn left at the next corner.

The leaves turn brown in autumn.

All the boys spoke each in turn.

Take the second turn on the left.

Turn left at the next crossroads.

It’s your turn to shuffle the cards.

You can’t turn the facts upside down.

He got tired and turned back.

Her face turned red suddenly.

He turned his coat inside out.

Father’s hair has turned gray.

He turned the doorknob with his left hand.

The demonstrator turned over a police car.

It was so windy my umbrella turned inside out.

She turned away in horror at the sight of blood.

The divorce turned his whole world upside down .

He turned the steering wheel the other way about.

He walked briskly to the corner and turned right.

The company was on the brink of bankruptcy when he took over, but he was able to turn things around.

He wanted to go all the way to the Ganges River, but his army forced him to turn back.

The teacher demands that students should turn in their test papers within two hours.

She was such a beautiful girl that everybody turned to look at her as she passed.

When I turned round, I found that she had whipped off to avoid awkward questions.

She turned away from the door, stood irresolute outside the door of her own cabin.

He turned the bottle upside down and shook it, but still the honey wouldn’t come out.

Working with the police has turned me against the use of violent scenes as entertainment.

A lot of former agricultural land in this area has been turned into residential or commercial zones.

The process by which substances are turned directly from a solid state into a gas is called sublimation.

They have turned the world of industrial capitalism into a world of finance capitalism.

It turned violent when some protesters tried to tear down the gates of parliament.

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