turkey in a sentence

turkey meaning:

n.) a large, originally North American bird with brownish feathers, usually eaten at Thanksgiving.

turkey sentence:

We had an awesome turkey supper tonight!

They broiled turkey over a charcoal flame.

Shall we have fish instead of turkey today?

My protein usually consists of chicken or turkey.

We saw flocks of wild turkeys.

I brine my turkeys for 24 hours.

Young domestic turkeys readily fly short distances.

They also grew domestic turkeys and kept dogs as pets.

We fished and hunted deer and turkeys during the camp.

The slaughter operation converts approximately 20,000 turkeys per workday.

The turkeys enthusiastically took the lives of many an insect.

I smoke turkeys at temps between 275-300 degrees.

The host cut the turkey for the guests.

He always talks turkey about any problem.

We stabbed at the roast turkey with our forks.

Whisk sauce until smooth and pour over turkey.

It’s traditional to eat turkey at Thanksgiving.

It’s traditional to eat turkey at Thanksgiving.

The turkey is basted to keep it from drying out.

Stuff the turkey, then put it into a pre-heated oven.

The time has come to talk turkey about our national debt.

Lunch meats like roast beef or turkey work extremely well.

Will you stuff the turkey and shove it in the oven for me?

In England, turkey is traditionally eaten on Christmas Day.

It’s traditional in America to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

I will be home for Thanksgiving, so save a little turkey for me.

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