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101- The fiddle may be re-tuned in any number of ways in these musical idioms, but there are two common re-tunings.

102- These pans are meticulously honed out of the steel drum, sunken and burned over a hot fire, chromed and tuned.

103- This car has a modified version of the Audi RS 3 ‘s five-cylinder 2.5 L engine tuned to PS ( kW) and N·m ( lb·ft).

104- Professional harmoniums feature a third set of reeds, either tuned an octave higher or in unison to the middle reed.

105- ” The 2.4 litre engine tested appeared to have been tuned for low-end torque, a characteristic of this Alpine brand.

106- “tuned bells”, which were common practice in Britain and Europe, are worked after casting to produce a precise note.

107- “NOT tuned IN: Farrow tells story of `Dear Prudence’ Sister meditated 23 hours a day, oblivious to song written for her”.

108- Daniel Brockman from The Phoenix described the song as “a heavily Auto-tuned reworking” of ” There’s a Place in France “.

109- LC circuits are often used as filters; the Q (“Quality” factor) determines the bandwidth of each LC tuned circuit in the radio.

110- The Sundance was more tuned for comfort while the Shadow was more tuned for performance, however the difference was not drastic.

111- The five courses are pitched as follows (from 5th to 1st course): gg cc eE (because the thicker one is tuned an octave lower) aa ee.

112- In classical solo playing the double bass is usually tuned a whole tone higher (F -B-E-A).

113- They all combine to create a “resultant” pitch, which is in unison with prime on a well-tuned bell.

114- Duplex scaling, which typically is tuned a double octave or more above the speaking length, does not.

115- Zanfonas are tuned to the key of C major, the melody strings are in a unison on the middle-C on the piano.

116- This enabled listeners to distinguish between different transmitters that were nominally tuned to the same frequency.

117- This version was given a resonator box and the gearbox casing near the gear shift lever had the words “Delta Super tuned“.

118- This allows MIDI instruments to be tuned very accurately in any microtuning scale, including non-western traditional tunings.

119- Slope detection demodulates an FM signal by using a tuned circuit which has its resonant frequency slightly offset from the carrier.

120- Invidia is the fatal flaw of Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello’ : “O you are well tuned now; but I’ll set down the pegs that make this music.

121- For example, A4 (the reference pitch) is the 49th key from the left end of a piano (tuned to 440 Hz), and C4 ( middle C ) is the 40th key.

122- She occasionally uses spider-tracers, but as they are tuned to her father’s spider-sense and not hers, she needs a receiver to detect them.

123- Human ears are well-tuned to detecting these errors, but careful work by developers can minimize errors and improve the speech output quality.

124- Scenario (racers) The game features several tuned cars taken from the original comic, new cars or upgraded versions are unlockable in the Story Mode.

125- An individual handbell can be used simply as a signal to catch people’s attention or summon them together, but handbells are generally heard in tuned sets.

126- A dynamic absorber can be affixed to the rotating machine and tuned to oscillate in such a way that exactly counteracts the force from the rotating imbalance.

127- Some TPI 1992 Camaros received some of the “leftovers” from its Corvette cousin, which switched from tuned Port Injection to the new LT1 engine series in 1992.

128- The NPR news and talk format continues after AM signoff, making WKAR AM and NPR programming available 24 hours a day to listeners with HD radios tuned to WKAR-FM.

129- For example, a dipole antenna tuned to operate at 3.75 MHz-the center of the 80 meter amateur radio band-will exhibit an SWR of about 6:1 at the edges of the band.

130- Roby 2010, p. 101. Hendrix played through a Fender Bassman head, providing a “very warm” amp sound McDermott 2009, p. 101. with his guitar tuned down a whole tone.

131- Such cameras are often tuned for non-visible radiation for Infrared photography (for night vision and heat sensing) or X-ray (for medical and video astronomy use).

132- The 3622 cc V-8 engine was tuned and with the car weighing only 2180 pounds (940 kg) in its most basic form, a top speed of over 100 mph (160 km/h) was easily obtained.

133- They could be heard at least ten miles away and were tuned to 55 Hz, a low bass A note that was chosen for maximum passenger comfort despite the high sound pressure level.

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