tremendous in a sentence

The abominable thing took a tremendous leap.

I urinate a tremendous amount at a time.

He accumulated a tremendous fortune during the post war.

He received a tremendous punch on the jaw from his opponent.

He is a tremendous basketball player, the best I’ve seen in years.

Ostriches can kick with tremendous force, but only in a forward motion.

Galaxies are scattered throughout the universe to tremendous distances.

You can put a tremendous amount of information on a single computer disk.

The President salutes the tremendous efforts of this year’s Olympic squad.

Massive stars eventually die in tremendous explosions that destroy the star.

Wayne Gretzky was a tremendous hockey player, probably the best in the world.

Their company is very successful, they are earning tremendous amounts of money.

Their first album was a tremendous success, but their second one wasn’t too great.

The President is under tremendous pressure to resign in the face of this latest scandal.

He was almost trembling with excitement and desire as he watched her undress.

In the rainy season in Indonesia, tremendous walls of water almost seem to explode from the sky.

Going through the process of unionization was a tremendous amount of work for everyone involved.

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people who use the Internet to do business.

Blue whales once were considered too difficult to hunt because of their speed and tremendous size.

Albert Camus once said that nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

The landscape of our planet is greatly modified by the tremendous volume of water circulating on its surface.

All Greeks are aware of the tremendous role their ancestors played in the development of Western civilization.

Buckminster Fuller once remarked, “I’m not a genius.

I’m just a tremendous bundle of experience.

” burden
There was tremendous excitement in the scientific community in 1994 when a comet collided with the planet Jupiter.

The landscape of our planet is greatly modified by the tremendous volume of water circulating on its surface.

We faced several bureaucratic hurdles getting our product onto the market in China, but the pay-off has been tremendous.

People who live in the desert traditionally have a tremendous love and respect for the role of the camel in their lives.

The landscape of our planet is greatly modified by the tremendous volume of water circulating on its surface.

Following the end of slavery, American blacks faced tremendous obstacles in their attempt to join the mainstream of society.

Studies show that some galaxies are suffering tremendous eruptions as their cores blast radiation and matter outward.

Following the end of slavery, American blacks faced tremendous obstacles in their attempt to join the mainstream of society.

Bruce Barton once said “When I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things.

Bruce Barton once said, “Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things.

Erich Fromm once suggested that there is hardly any activity which is started out with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet which fails so regularly, as love.

“There’s tremendous crime and illegal immigration is just incredible.

“We are seeing tremendous amounts of inbound, unsolicited sales calls.

414944 It’s not what’s really holding you back from tremendous success.

“The aerospace tax incentives provide a tremendous return to taxpayers.

I think we can conclude we have made tremendous progress, Dulaney said.

We will need to send a tremendous amount of tools over here, Adams said.

We are facing tremendous challenges at MakerBot, Jaglom tells The Verge.

The report underscores Apple’s tremendous recent expansion in the Valley.

“While we have seen a tremendous growth in risk factors that contribute to..

One isn’t much good without the other, but together they can be tremendous.”

618789 She’s getting stronger every day, and we’ve seen tremendous progress.

This yoga-catastrophization has provoked tremendous derision on the internet.

Haley said Monday she’s thankful for the tremendous response in just 18 days.

To start, natural disasters displace a tremendous numer of people every year.

He complained of a “tremendous amount of misinformation and misunderstanding.”

We do expect tremendous amount of rain, he said at a press conference Saturday.

While the recoveries here are tremendous, they are just the beginning, he said.

401517 “It means a tremendous amount to be recognized with this award,” he said.

I think that means there was a tremendous amount of winds and weather, she said.

It earned this status because it worked even in the face of tremendous adversity.

864521 Together, we have made tremendous progress in the global HIV/AIDS response.

But she has been buoyed by tremendous understanding from her family and her church.

In the worse form they can create super bugs which are causing tremendous troubles.

The program is still growing and we enjoy tremendous field support,” the emails read.

Genetic modification usually requires a tremendous amount of herbicide called Roundup.

We have tremendous respect for this player, he’s got obviously a wealth of background.

This vehicle wasn’t designed for speed but with tremendous torque it will go anywhere.

It’s a tremendous loss for all of us, a shock for the family especially, Polizzi said.

916277 We see a tremendous amount of tick bites (in Massachusetts),”” Sliwkowski said.”

The Guardian, for instance, has gotten tremendous growth through its website in the US.

He added that “the agreement will provide tremendous exposure for our broadcast partners.”

102047 Because what we see on our screens has a tremendous impact on how we see the world.

He’d been through tremendous suffering from the cancer in the last seven years of his life.

It described him as a “tremendous person who made magic and history in his Broadway debut”.

“Mecole Harman is a tremendous athlete with one-of-a-kind speed and take off,” Hughes said.

Any candidate that can find a way to get them to the polls will have a tremendous advantage.

“I feel a tremendous responsibility for allowing this to happen,” he wrote in the statement.

345348 “I’m sure the ref saw it that way, so would it have had tremendous impact on the game?

906906 We have had tremendous difficulty,”” said Johnny Kattan, Jacir’s maintenance manager.”

It can be such a tremendous problem for a family and for the child and for teachers, he said.

I think this team has competed with tremendous character since the Ole Miss game, Saban said.

In short, Hadoop is a tremendous asset for those companies for which IT matters a great deal.

“Being foreign minister was a tremendous experience, but I never took your trust for granted.

The better of those two treatments, mastectomy involves a tremendous amount of mental relief.”

I want to say congratulations to Ronda Rousey and the UFC, you guys have done a tremendous job.

His ‘tremendous‘ ability to paint from memory was vital for all who viewed his art, Garven said.

It’s a matter of tremendous concern that journalists and other intellectuals have been attacked.

Making a difference in the lives of tomorrow’s future leaders gives me tremendous satisfaction.”

He told the panel his actions were a “tremendous failure” and the “steps of a desperate person.”

Seattle Times Editorial POLICE officer body cameras carry tremendous potential for truth-telling.

Szabo & Natucci (USA/ITA) took the gun but there was a tremendous battle thelast qualifying spot.

“Week by week, I felt that guys were making tremendous strides on the defensive level,” Cook said.

“We’re back for another year with tremendous corporate support to give a hand to who need it most.

Ambassador Sylvie Bermann said it was France’s way of “thanking them for their tremendous service”.

294632 He was there the whole night, right to the bitter end, and he made some tremendous saves.”””

“He was a tremendous racer, a valuable member of the team and respected representative to our sport.

“Increasingly, we are unable to see what they say, which gives them a tremendous advantage,” he said.

There’s a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when we return a piece of art like this, Saldaña said.

tremendous fast-growing markets for imports and business opportunities for companies around the world.

A nation grateful for their military’s tremendous sacrifices is an important part of a strong country.

“There’s probably not that specificity of tremendous and huge volume that the industry had for awhile.

Pat always had tremendous faith in her brother’s business acumen .

The Afrikaans pop music market therefore generates tremendous demand for new material.

The front three rows of students drew backward as the carriage hurtled ever lower, coming in to land at a tremendous speed – then, with an almighty crash that made Neville jump backward onto a Slytherin fifth year’s foot, the horses’ hooves, larger than dinner plates, hit the ground.

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