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Use ‘treatise’ in a sentence | ‘treatise’ example sentences

51- Jigme Lingpa in the Vajrayana tradition wrote a treatise on charmstone usage which Namkhai Norbu mentions.

52- Works * Iggeret Hanhagat ha-Guf we ha-Nefesh, a treatise in verse on the control of the body and the soul.

53- Cammann also wrote a major treatise on diagnosis by auscultation, which the refined binaural stethoscope made possible.

54- An older form of the treatise on fishing was edited in 1883 by Mr T. Satchell from a manuscript in possession of Alfred Denison.

55- The proœmium opens with the words, “Si quis ignorat ignorabitur;” the treatise itself commences “Dignus es Domine aperire librum.

56- A Tang treatise of 668 records a total of 675,000 displaced personnel and 176 military garrisons after the surrender of King Bojang.

57- Albanites is included in the Meekoceratidae although Arkell, et al (1957) included it in the Noritidae in the treatise Part L, 1957.

58- Averroes’s treatise on Plato’s Republic has played a major role in both the transmission and the adaptation of the Platonic tradition in the WestCitation needed.

59- Powell Barber 1921, p. 32 *A treatise on Old Age, which appears to have defended old age against the jibes of the young, although little of this treatise survives.

60- ISBN 1559392053 – a study and translation of the primary Gelukpa commentary on Shantarakshita’s treatise: Gyal-tsab Je’s Remembering The Ornament of the Middle Way.

61- In 1865 Dunraven compiled, as an appendix to his mother’s Memorials of Adare, a minute and exhaustive treatise on architectural remains in the neighbourhood of Adare.

62- Jewish calendar Al-Khwārizmī wrote several other works including a treatise on the Hebrew calendar ( Risāla fi istikhrāj taʾrīkh al-yahūd “Extraction of the Jewish Era”).

63- Casiri’s work is not yet obsolete, but a more scientific system is adopted in Hartwig Derenbourg ‘s incomplete treatise, Les Manuscrits arabes de l’Escorial (Paris, 1884).

64- “There is death in the pot” In 1820 Accum began the public struggle against harmful food additives with his book entitled A treatise on Adulterations of Food and Culinary Poisons.

65- A geographical treatise called Goladhya was published.

66- In 1517, he published in six books a treatise on the famous men of his Order.

67- Sarwar’s book was not the dispassionate educational treatise it purported to be.

68- Mesozoic Ammonoides; treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part L (Ammonoidea).

69- Spinach was also the subject of a special treatise in the 11th century by Ibn Hajjaj.

70- We possess by him part of a treatise De notis, probably an excerpt from a larger work.

71- In 1642 he published a self-diagnostic handbook, the first treatise on diagnosis in France.

72- Or answer to a treatise of Free Trade, or the meanes to make Trade floushish, lately Published.

73- Chambers, A treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture (Joseph Gwilt ed, 1825:pp 159-61).

74- Meanwhile, Jean-Victor Poncelet had published the foundational treatise on projective geometry in 1822.

75- Published works * A systematic treatise on comparative physiology, introductory to the Physiology of man.

76- Makarije also wrote the treatise “On the Borders of Dacia ” (O medjah Dacije) preserved in Hilandar library.

77- As claimed by Balzac in his treatise of Elegant Life, it set the “triple aristocracy of money, power and talent”.

78- In 1924 Pound published Antheil and the treatise on Harmony, as part of his campaign to boost Antheil’s reputation.

79- He was an accomplished, innovative, and influential composer, and may also have been the author of the Ars Nova treatise.

80- Ozell wrote a long treatise enumerating Bundy’s mistakes and Pope’s villainy, and he took out an ad to attack his enemies.

81- Ibn Qasi wrote a treatise “the Removal of the Sandals”, this book revolves around Ibn Qasi’s Philosophy, Sufism and History.

82- Gallus wrote a treatise against it, and had to leave the city; services in the only Evangelical church there were discontinued.

83- In 1485 he drew up a treatise on witchcraft which was incorporated in the Malleus Maleficarum (literally “The Hammer of Witches”).

84- Early waltz steps, 1816 from Thomas Wilson treatise on waltzing Initially, the waltz was significantly different from its form today.

85- The said work is a treatise on the Code of Civil Procedure and it will be in five volumes.

86- Franck’s second book was ‘A Philosophical treatise of the Original and Production of Things.

87- He was co-author of a three-volume treatise, Foundations of Measurement (recently reprinted).

88- In 1433, a revised version of the alchemical treatise Buch der heiligen Dreifaltigkeit was prepared for John.

89- Mécanique analytique Over and above these various papers he composed his great treatise, the Mécanique analytique.

90- Among his works are a treatise on the Construction and Use of Globes (1766) and an “Essay on the Microscope” (1771).

91- In 1789 he published a detailed practical treatise on river flow including an account of his and other water-flow meters.

92- Simeon’s work Σύνοψις τῶν φυσικῶν (Conspectus rerum naturalium, “On natural things” )is a treatise on the natural sciences.

93- Woods’ treatise, Comparative Fault (Lawyers Publishing Co., 3d Ed. 1996) is the hornbook authority on that area of injury law.

94- Houbraken was surprised he let his son learn painting, since his biography seemed to be a treatise against the pursuit of arts.

95- He became more interested in music theory and completed a treatise on the subject, Neues musicalisches System (1742/3, published 1752).

96- Influence and reactions While not as influential as his fellow Eleatics, Melissus’ treatise did have an important impact on philosophy.

97- For glaze use only one tin compound, tin (IV) oxide Tin dioxide (SnO 2 ), and also called stannic acid ’A treatise On Ceramic Industries.

98- Al-Kashi was still working on his book, called “Risala al-watar wa’l-jaib” meaning “The treatise on the Chord and Sine”, when he died in 1429.

99- The Inexcusable Lie which was published in 1923, is a treatise against nationalism and destructive patriotism that wastes the youth of nations.

100- Rabanus Maurus (c. 780 – 856), a monk and teacher, later archbishop of Mainz, who wrote a treatise on Computus and the encyclopedic work De universo.

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